Gary Miller/Getty Images

Sia, we see you!

The wind in Colorado had its way with the artist's wig last night, giving the audience watching Sia's performance at Denver's Seriesfest a glimpse at her almost always hidden face. 

To be honest, we'd be perfectly happy to see that lovely face more often.

The 40-year-old Australian singer spoke to Nightline's Chris Conley about why she chooses to keep her identity concealed—even during interviews! With her back turned to Conley, she explained, "I don't want to be famous, or recognizable. I don't want to be critiqued about the way that I look on the internet."


Gary Miller/Getty Images

Sia's many methods of anonymity, from brown paper bags covering her head to silver masks shielding her face, all go toward that effort to remain as anonymous as possible when she's not in the spotlight.

"You know I was at Target the other day buying a hose and nobody recognized me—and my song was on the radio," the star said. "And I thought, OK, this experiment is working". 

The "Chandelier" artist has also written songs for major hit-makers such as Rihanna, Flo Rida and David Guetta

"I've been writing pop songs for pop stars for a couple years and have become friends with them and see what their lives are like. And that's just not something I want," Sia said to Conley in 2014. 

Regardless of whether Sia's face is covered or accidentally exposed, she is always gone-with-the-wind fabulous to us.  

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