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Blake Lively has always made pregnancy look effortless and easy.

The 28-year-old The Shallows star broke the fourth wall today on Instagram, juxtaposing two photos of herself on the expectations vs. the realities of pregnancy. 

Photo number one shows her gazing serenely out of a window, but Lively reminds us that the reality of pregnancy isn't always that perfect, as a candid second shot catches her yawning, showing that pregnancy is also exhausting.

But let's be honest, Lively always looks amazing, even when proving a point about the pains of pregnancy. Pregnant with her second child, we think Blake's expectation looks pretty close to her reality! 

Lighthearted photos like these remind us that Lively, despite her goddess-like looks, is in fact human. She even admitted to E! News that she's been indulging when it comes to her pregnancy cravings. "I do have a sweet tooth, but a good sweet tooth—not overly sweet, not saccharin. Like dark chocolate," Lively said. "I like salty and sweet."

Blake Lively


Beyond food and funny Instagrams, Lively has always been vocal about her dreams of having a large family. "We're officially breeders," she joked.

Husband Ryan Reynolds echoed her familial sentiment. "We'd love to have a big family," he confessed. "We both come from big families—my parents did four, Blake's did five. A lot of people say it's crazy, but we'll only know when we're there, you know?"

A bigger family means more adorable baby bump photos, right? And we're all for it.

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