Martha Stewart Can't Handle the Heat Coming From Jason Derulo's Shirtless Concert Performance

Celebrity chef is fascinated by the singer’s concert in Cannes

By Mike Vulpo Jun 22, 2016 11:11 PMTags
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If it ain't love, why does this Twitter spree feel so good?

As Martha Stewart continued spending time in Cannes on the Daily Mail's MailOnline yacht Wednesday night, the celebrity chef was treated to a special performance from Jason Derulo.

If you think the lifestyle expert could care less about the "Watcha Say" singer, you are so, so wrong.

As soon as Jason took to the stage, Martha was quite intrigued by his "hot" performance. In fact, she decided to live-tweet it with pictures included.

"Now Jason Derulo is singing for us. Quite a show," she wrote on social media. "It's hot and he is shedding his clothes."

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But really, how hot Martha? "Down to his shirtsleeves" hot!

"Jason really did shed his shirt and continued the amazing show," Martha continued as she posed in front of the sweaty singer. "#seriouslypopular #mailonlinre."

While we're not sure if Martha will "wiggle wiggle" through her kitchen going forward, we think Jason totally found a new admirer, or at least a fan.

Perhaps this week's night out is simply more proof that Martha is a celebrity you need to be following on social media. Sure, there are tasty food pictures and recipes. And yes, we don't mind looking at her Tupperware in the fancy test kitchen.

But where else can you find a woman having a feud with Apple, running into Michael Vera and posting pictures of rainbows at 4 a.m. Be right back, we're about to press that follow button so fast.

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