Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Grey's Anatomy


Oh, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, you sneaky devil. You always keep us guessing—even from beyond the grave!

Even though he is fully dead on Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural and Weeds, that didn't stop JDM from schtupping Izzie (Katherine Heigl), and now, bearing fruit to one of the biggest, jaw-dropping, show-changing plot twists we've heard all TV season long. (Honest injun.)

Turns out, Jeffrey may be a daddy to a secret son on a certain show, and this certain show will be changed forever because of this upcoming plot twist.

So which show is it? And what else is in store for faves like Lost, 24, Private Practice, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl? Here's the exclusive scoop, courtesy of your Q's...

Hank in Rio de Janeiro: What is the big scoop on Grey's Anatomy?

TR Knight

Well, I can tell you that Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) thankfully does not have a son as far as I know. (And if a ghost were to knock up Izzie, I might have to DVR-dump this show.) The answer to his mystery son (which is, trust me, huge) is down yonder in the Spoiler Section. But as for Grey's, I can tell you T.R. Knight's departure is not a done deal and that last I heard from my sources, there is a possibility they may work it out to have him stay on. Anyone else crossing your fingers that he'll stick around? Comment below to show your support.

Denny in Addison, Texas: Can you just do an entire spoiler chat on Lost please?
Check below the spoiler line for goodies! (All the Ghost Whisperer fans get mad if we only cover Lost, so we have to mix it up.) But to keep you busy for now, Ajira Airways has launched and has a special feature for passengers wanting to book a flight. For only $87, Destination: Destiny allows the airline to choose "an unknown fateful destination of your destiny." Reminds me of that runway the Others were building. Could the Island be one of the landing sites?

Gossip Girl, Michelle Trachtenberg

Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Gretchen in Litchfield, Conn.: Did you hear? Your frenemy Ausiello says they are going to bring that be-yotch Georgina back to Gossip Girl!
Shut the front door! Back in early December, I also reported plans to bring back Georgina toward the end of this season, and FYI, that's what I'm still hearing—and not just from my sworn frenemy. I still think she's the most solid candidate for the spinoff, BTW. But you didn't hear that from me!

Matt in Cork, Ireland: Can you please enlighten me on the future of Friday Night Lights? Please tell me this won't be the last season!
No decisions have been made yet, but according to big-time FNL fan Chris Littmann of The Sporting News, the ratings trend on DirecTV is at least positive. BTW, how amazing was the birds-and-bees-talk episode where (spoiler alert if you haven't seen it) Coach walked in on Julie and Saracen? The Emmy voters should be throwing awards and rose petals at Connie Britton's feet, for crying out loud, and Kyle Chandler's, too. The new season of FNL starts on NBC next Friday, Jan. 16.

Penny in Los Angeles: What's this about Patrick Swayze in a new TV show? Be still heart!
You can see the trailer for yourself on the official A&E site for The Beast.

Brittany in Tualatin, Ore.: Is In Plain Sight ever coming back? I really loved that show, and can't wait to see what's happening with Mary and her dysfunctional family!
In Plain Sight
will be back in the "second quarter" of 2009—April/May/June-ish. Yay dysfunction!

Andrew in Louisville, Ky.: I just watched six seasons of Scrubs in a month and a half so I could be caught up, can you give me some awesome info as a reward?
Courteney Cox Arquette
is marvelous as the new chief of medicine, and she immediately declares Elliot to be her favorite. J.D. will have a lesbo fantasy about those two in 10, 9, 8...

Lena in Jacksonville, Fla.: Do you have any Mad Men news?
Too early! But good news: Mo Ryan did just report that Jon Hamm's 30 Rock premiere has been scheduled for Feb. 5. Holler!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
Jared Padalecki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

David Gray/The CW

Madison in Eugene, Ore.: What's the latest on Jared and Jensen on Supernatural?
Let's just say that if you happen to look like these dreamy dudes above (and God bless you for it), you should contact the CW right away, because I'm hearing that yes, you guessed it! There just might be a third freaking Winchester brother out there. Hear that? It's the sound of my mind exploding! I'm told that the possible third brother has not been cast, but we'll start hearing rumblings of another son courtesy of Dean and Sam's father John Winchester, aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan, this season. Seriously, does that dead dude get around or what?! Meanwhile, I'm dying to know what you think of this twist and if anyone out there could possibly be delicious enough to pull off the same genetic code as Jensen and Jared. So please comment below, and if you have any casting suggestions, bring 'em!

Andy in Austin, Texas: More Lost goodies please!
Darlton did say there would be flashbacks and that flash-forwards would not be as prominent this season, but in the first hour of the premiere, we see a past and present Desmond (and both of them are hot).

Meg in Hamburg, Germany: Kristin, what can you tell me about Jack in the season premiere of Lost? He's still my favorite!
I can tell you that Ben Linus is many things, but he is not a drug-addiction enabler, and with Ben's "help" Jack seems to be getting off the junk. Oh, and Ben seems to imply that if Jack goes back to the Island he'll never be able to return to the real world. Whaaat!

Carrie in Cleveland: Got any hot gossip on Lost? Or better yet, hot gossip on Lost's hot separated lovers Kate and Sawyer? January is too far away to wait! Thanks!
You know how Sawyer is always getting smacked in the face? Well, Sawyer finally gets to do a little bitch-slapping of his own in the premiere, and it's pretty hilarious.

Kiefer Sutherland, 24

Kelsey McNeal / Fox

Elisa in Santa Barbara, Calif.: What happens with Chloe in the 24 premiere?
Set your DVR: The premiere is this Sunday and Monday (two nights). She's gone rogue with a couple of fellow former CTU agents. They all think the current U.S. government is too corrupt to be trusted, so they have their own startup. It gives the new season an awesome, renegade feel. By the way, if you have Q's for any of the 24 stars, email me at, or post them in the comments. I'm hitting the Day Seven premiere party tomorrow night, and I'll get you as many answers as I can.

Lucy in Las Vegas: Can I get some scoop on the Walker clan?
Balthazar Getty's (rumored) exit could have something to do with Tommy's highly illegal plan to get Holly out of the family business, which will develop over the next few episodes.

 Kelly Rutherford, Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl

Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Gregory in Overland Park, Kan.: Any word on Gossip Girl?
Lily gets attacked—by someone she knows. Guesses? Also, Bart's will will be read and stir up trouble.

Peter in Phoenix: Can you get us fans some spoilers about volume four of Heroes (Fugitives), please?
Nathan becomes BFFs with the president almost overnight, thanks to Nathan's superduper inside info about the supers. Speaking of power, remember how it corrupts absolutely? Well, Nathan's gone bad, and fast—like milk left out in the sun. And among the first people Nathan sells out is a certain icy blonde...

Joseph in Baltimore: Got any Heroes info for us?
Hiro and Ando are getting a lair!

Marie in New Orleans: Gimme some Friday Night Lights scoop! This season has been so wonderful!
If Tyra's college essay doesn't make you cry, you have no soul. It's like Aaron Sorkin was her ghost writer. Epic. Oh, and the Tyra-Landry lovin'? That might make you cry, too.

Doreen in London: I adore Friday Night Lights! What's in store for the season-ender?
We learn Joe McCoy's endgame, and it's as ugly as we originally suspected. (You'll be left wishing that Mayberry Machiavelli Buddy Garrity were a little more Machiavelli and a little less Mayberry. He didn't see this one coming at all.) That said, the resulting setup for season four (which we must have) is downright brilliant. Speaking of season four, Coach and Tami Taylor must come back. Right? If you're in the Panther cheering section, holler in the comments below, won't you?

Rose Byrne, Damages

Mark Seliger / FX

Eddie in Columbia, Miss.: I can't believe Ellen shoots someone on Damages!
Yes, as I reported before, Ellen is a gunslinger in the future, and as far as finding out who is on the other side of the barrel, executive producer Todd Kessler tells me we will not have to wait until the season finale to find out: "It will be revealed before the end of the season who's sitting in the chair [opposite Ellen], but events unfold in very unexpected ways." As for Ellen's love life, her new guy, Wes (Timothy Olyphant), is not what he seems.

Molly in Fort Collins, Colo.: Kristin, tell me it's not true that Ignacio has a heart attack on Ugly Betty!
In the next episode, Marc wants in to a Wilhelmina party, and he will do anything to get in—including stoop to working with Betty. Gasp! You'll notice I'm not addressing your Ignacio-heart-attack question. I am, however, sobbing quietly in a corner.

Mary: On Supernatural, do you know if Alistair was destroyed or just repelled? I'm curious if we're going to see him again?
Yes, Alastair will return later this season, but in a new, nastier "meat sock" form.

Alisha: I'm superexcited Steve Zahn is a guest on the premiere of Monk. Any info?
Steve Zahn is great in the premiere as Monk's dirty, dirty half-brother. He escapes from prison by crawling through a sewer. Suffice it to say, Monk no likey the dirt.

Kate Walsh, Amy Brenneman, Private Practice


Gina in St. Paul, Minn.: Need Private Practice scoop! Is Charlotte pregnant?!
I think we've been successfully misdirected once again by the fiendish Shonda Rhimes and her minions. Check out this highlight from the Jan. 22 Private Practice episode description: "Violet finds out she's pregnant but isn't sure who the father is..." Aaahhh!

Luna in Newport News, Va.: Any news on Psych?
Good news for you Shawn and Juliet fans: There's a scene in Friday's premiere that all but promises Shawn and Juliet eventually are going to happen.

Kim in Berkeley, Calif.: Kristin, you don't cover it much, but do you have any info on the Stargate: Atlantis finale? It's my favorite show!
Our Senior Stargate Atlantis Correspondent, aka Jen's brother Mark, says, "The finale sets up the future of the Stargate universe nicely. The legend of Atlantis comes from the stories of the 'Ancients' who fled to Earth after being defeated by the Wraith in the battle for survival. However, although the city of Atlantis wasn't originally on Earth, it will be in the last episode! Also my favorite villain-friend Todd the Wraith makes an appearance in the final episode with well-chosen last words: 'Is there going to be a next time?' They should really put him in the next series. A hot creepy calm female super genius, a hot more-typically female linguist/anthropologist, Todd the Wraith and Sheppard for the cast of Stargate Universe!"

Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

Fred Norris/The CW

Randall in Tucson, Ariz.: How about some dish on One Tree Hill! Give it up, sister!
Yes, brotha. According to sources, Brooke and Julian go on a date. Also, Millicent tells Brooke she slept with Owen.

Kristen in Missouri: CSI: Miami scoop?
P. Diddy's guest spot is set to air on Feb. 9. As I reported before, Diddy plays a lawyer who goes head-to-head with Horatio (David Caruso). Says Diddy, "I'm a very, very wise lawyer. I understand the law, understand how it works, its imperfections, its limitations, and I know how to use them to my advantage. I know how to work the system. I'm just a very know-it-all, arrogant lawyer." So who will win the battle of Caine v. Combs? "At the end of the day, it's his show, so at the end of the day he's going to win, but I'm giving him a run for his money as far as being his nemesis," adds Diddy.

Lila in Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Do you have any SpongeBob scoop? I'm serious—my 4-year-old would think I'm the awesomest mom ever.
I have no SpongeBob for you, I'm sorry—but would you take some PowerPuff Girls? The girls back for a special 10th anniversary episode, which premieres Jan. 19 on the Cartoon Network, and I have it on good authority that Mojo Jojo's cover of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" (Tears for Fears) is legendary. [BTW, did I really just answer a Q about SpongeBob? Holy crap. The preggo-mones must be kickin'. Now pardon me while I go eat some mac 'n' cheese 'n' pickles...]

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Natalie Abrams

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