Your Juiciest Waxing Questions, the Wax Queen!

Nervous? Don't be

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You can only ask your experienced friends so many questions about waxing before it's time to consult a professional.

Even then, there are probably some questions you feel less than comfortable asking your girlfriends about. Like: How bad is the pain? What should you wear? How naked do you have to get? Do they really wax your butt?

Luckily, UK-based, celebrity waxer Kim Lawless a.k.a. The Wax Queen is here to answer all your burning questions (and then some). Her juicy yet extremely informative answers are below—you might want to take notes.

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The Basics

Why do women wax?
Women wax for various reasons and it, mostly, depends on their age group. The young ones, in their late teens through their 20s, wax because they simply think it's gross to have pubic hair. They start shaving as soon as they've reached puberty, and when they start earning money [to where they] can afford it, they get waxed. Women in their 30s and upwards remove the hair because they hate gray pubic hair.

Are there any health benefits of waxing?
None at all other than mentally building a woman's self-esteem and confidence. It's for vanity, cleanliness and sexiness.

What are the different types of waxing (i.e. Brazilian, bikini, etc.)? 
It varies from salon to salon, but in my salon, a Brazilian is every single hair removed from the front, back, inside and out of the intimate area. If they want a landing strip left, they can, but that's really old fashioned...everyone has it all off [now]. If someone asked for a bikini wax, that would simply be the hair removed from the crease of the leg. There are a couple of other waxes in between the basic bikini and the Brazilian, like a High-Leg Bikini, which goes in higher so they could wear a high bikini. There's a G String, which removes the hair from the buttocks, inside the butt and goes in very narrow at the front, so they can wear a thong.

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How should you prepare for a wax?
Stop shaving and allow the hair to grow for three to four weeks prior to your waxing appointment. Aftercare is more important as the skin should be exfoliated and moisturized a couple of times a week to prevent ingrown hairs.

How often should you get waxed?
No sooner than four weeks, but everyone's regular is different. Some clients wouldn't dream of going longer than four weeks and beg me to wax them sooner—but I won't because they won't get the best results. Then there are the ones that get waxed every couple of months and some just once a year before a holiday.

In plain terms: It's all about preference.

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The Goods

What are some common, yet silly, questions people have asked you about waxing?
Q: Do I look different? A: I've waxed thousands of women and I've never seen one yet that made me look twice. 
Q: Shall I take my knickers off? A: Well, that's a bit like going to the hairdressers and asking to leave your hat on.

What's the deal with the "fresh wipes"? Should we be using them as a courtesy to our waxer?
I buy them, but nobody ever asks for them and I cleanse the area anyway. Most people will make sure they're clean before they arrive. So, you should absolutely be clean, but whichever way you do that is your choice.

How close does your waxist actually get to your parts?
I get very close but that's how I get every hair out. I wear gloves and I remove every single hair from the front, back, inside and out.

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We just had to ask...let's talk about the butt part. What does a waxer typically do in that area and why?
I get my clients on their knees, on the beauty couch, so that I can remove every single hair from their butt and buttocks. People come to me because of the way that I wax. You might be interested to know that a lot of women tell me if they could only have one body part waxed ever again, it would be their butt as it makes them feel sexy and confident. It's also an area that men [and women] find a turn off—nothing feminine about a hairy butt.

How long after being waxed should you wait to have sex?
I'd rather they waited until they got home, as it's only a small salon. But, seriously, if the waxer is good and they use a good quality hot wax, there is no reason to wait. Many clients book their Brazilian in on the morning that they going away with their partner for the night. It would be a different case if they were waxed with strip wax though, as that can leave them feeling tender and sore. So hot wax every time!

Does the same apply for exercise?
I would say that that they should avoid going to the gym for 24 hours because breaking out in a sweat could leave them with spots, and the area could become infected. However, I have many clients who go straight to the gym after Brazilian waxing with no problem at all. It's the larger area that causes problems, such as legs and men's chest/back.

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