All the Signs Iggy Azalea and Nick Young Were Headed Toward a Split: "This Relationship Is Not Repairable at This Point"

The rapper and basketball pro have faced more than a fair share of drama since getting engaged

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Iggy Azalea and Nick Young may have just split, but no one watching was blindsided by this breakup.

Nearly a year to the day the "Fancy" rapper accepted a 10-carat engagement ring from the basketball pro in June 2015, Azalea announced to the world that they were no longer a bride and groom-to-be. How does a woman go from her own bespoke wedding dress to telling fans she's rewriting her future without Young in it? Throw in a video of your fiancé secretly gossiping about an encounter with a 19-year-old woman while he was dating you and your relationship is bound to hit some bumpy road.

"Iggy and Nick haven't been the same since that video was leaked a few weeks ago. She tried to put it behind her, but she still did not trust him. She was questioning so many things about what he was doing since that was leaked," a source tells E! News.

"[Azalea's questioning] was driving Nick crazy," a second insider close to the athlete revealed to E! News. "The relationship just was not the same."

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young Break Up One Year After Getting Engaged

While Azalea later made public claims to fans that the pair was "good" and that they had not broken up despite the leaked footage, the rapper later publicly revealed that the clip wasn't the only video footage to cause some permanent damage behind the scenes. After announcing their split, Azalea took to social media to clarify that she had her own proof of his infidelity. "I broke up with Nick because I found out he had brought other women into our home while I was away and caught them on the security footage," she tweeted.  

"This relationship is not repairable at this point because Iggy just can't trust Nick," the initial source continued. "Iggy is hurt and needs time before she gets involved with a guy again."

According to the source from Young's side, they really are over. "They can't predict the future but, as of now, it's done!" After nearly three years of dating, here's a look back on all of their steps toward this not-so-surprising split. 


1. They postponed their wedding.

Before the infamous video recorded by teammate D'Angelo Russell leaked, Azalea explained to Ryan Seacrest that the wedding would have to wait until after 2016. "I'm planning my wedding, actually moved my wedding 'cause I have to tour so my wedding plans are changing," she said during the radio interview. "It was going to happen at the end of the year but now I have to go to work so we'll probably have to wait until the end of the next basketball season to do that. So that kind of is a bit sucky, but it's alright." 

2. Young alluded to cheating in a leaked video. 

In a clip seemingly taken without Young's knowledge, Russell is heard asking his friend about a 19-year-old he met at a club in the summer. He goes on to ask if he had ever "tried" with Amber Rose. Russell later told reporters he was "sick as possible" over the leak. "This just got in the wrong hands," he said during a press conference in late March. "It wasn't a prank. It wasn't something for everybody else to see. It was for my eyes, his eyes only. That was it."

3. Azalea threatened to chop off his junk. 

After the video got out, the Grammy nominee explained there would be severe consequences if she found concrete proof of infidelity. "I'm not cool with it. Like you will have half a penis," she said during Tampa Bay's Wild 94.1 radio show. "One more video just one more thing and you will lose a quarter of your meat."

The star didn't sound like she was kidding around. "Let me get some real evidence and you're going to lose half an inch."

Iggy Azalea Sounds Off on Fans: "Don't Ever Call Me a Becky"

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4. Azalea admitted she hadn't figured out whether she still wanted to marry Young.

During yet another radio interview, the star was completely candid while discussing her potential future with the Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard. "I don't know. I'm still figuring it all out. It's still fresh," she said on The Bert Show. "I think last year, the year that I had, has kind of taught me maybe it's best to just wait until it's like a little more past tense before you kind of speak about necessarily how you feel about something." 

5. Azalea and Young celebrated their birthdays without each other. 

Instead of having her beau by her side for her 26th birthday, Azalea headed off to paradise on a boat with her gal pals and a source confirmed to E! News that Young also went solo for his big day turning 31 years old.  

6. Azalea got an interesting birthday card. 

While they were separate for their birthday festivities, Young did make the effort in giving his lady a celebratory card. However, the message inside was a bit unorthodox for an engaged pair celebrating a special occasion. "I love you so much I hate you but I still love u—happy bday." Had the previous events not taken place, we could have dismissed the card as playful banter, but now, it seems all too foreboding—particularly with Azalea's response: "I love you so much I hate you too."

One week later, Young made the ultimate social media declaration: "Single."

Iggy Azalea Feels "Loved" in Spite of Nick Young's Alleged Infidelity

7. Azalea discovers scandalous security footage. 

After publicly breaking off their engagement, Iggy revealed on Twitter that she called for the split after she found security footage of Nick bringing other women into their house while she was away. "I feel like I don't even know who the hell it is I've been loving all this time," Azalea wrote to fans. 

8. Is Nick going to be a father again?

As the headlines swirl around the broken couple, a new report by Life & Style surfaced claiming Young's ex-girlfriend, Keonna Green, is four months pregnant with Young's second son after an alleged one-night stand. Green is also the mother of Nick's first child, Nick Young Jr.

After the report went public, Azalea took to Twitter again. "I find it baffling anyone would make the choice to bring a child into the world under these circumstances + want attention and $ for it," she wrote. "I feel like my body was just drop kicked out of a plane with no parachute."

According to a source, Young is not too pleased with Azalea's recent social media activity. "Nick is mad Iggy keeps opening her mouth on social media," the source said. "He knows she is hurt over many things, but feels she is getting out of line."

Despite their controversial relationship right now, the source confirms there really was love between the two. 

"He did love Iggy and isn't happy how everything went down. He thinks maybe he was just not ready to get married yet."

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