An Ode to Camp Rock-Era Joe Jonas, the Ultimate Teen Heartthrob of the Late 2000s

With Camp Rock celebrating its eighth anniversary on June 20, it's important we recognize how the Jonas Brothers ruled the young Hollywood scene back then

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Eight years ago today, the Jonas Brothers truly exploded onto the scene with the iconic Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock. It taught us important life lessons such as "sing your heart out, especially if you sound like Demi Lovato" and "Kevin Jonas should never straighten his hair ever again."mportant things it did was solidify the world's crush on Joe Jonas, the middle bro of the boyband. He's basically the star of Camp Rock, and he quickly became the ultimate late 2000s teen heartthrob. An alternative to lusting after a High School Musical-era Zac Efron, if you will.
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In honor of Camp Rock turning eight years old, we wanted to honor the era of Joe Jonas: Dream Disney Hunk the best way we knew how: by objectifying a celebrity and ogling his hotness via GIFs.

Camp Rock was a very important movie for those who were looking for a new dude to desire. Someone who looks like he might be a bad boy, but also wore a purity ring? That's pretty hard to find, and that's where Joe Jonas burst onto your small screen and directly into your inappropriate day dreams. Just look at the bedroom eyes he's given Demi in this scene:


His hair couldn't be tamed, and neither could our hormones. And at this point Joe was well over 18 years old, so those older Jonas Brothers fans could feel less weird about drooling over him.

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Let's talk about Joe's thighs. They have some girth, which everyone oddly found super hot:


Dem thighs in white jeans, though.


Dat booty in white jeans, though. Bless the costume designer for Camp Rock.

Alright, let's move on from Camp Rock and talk about Joe's sexy stage presence during the Jonas Brothers' prime time in the spotlight. Just look at this:


A glistening Joe Jonas singing onstage is truly a treat for all your senses. Are you ready for the maneuver that really drove fans bonkers?


That tiny little glimpse of his bicep combined with that smirk? Forget about it. Joe Jonas was a sex symbol on that stage, even when he publicly devoted himself to remaining pure until marriage. That takes some real skill.

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Have you ever seen his 2009 cover of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'?" You should. It's glorious. He's wearing a tight white t-shirt and his hair is all curly and messy. It's hot. Especially when he gets to the line "I'm a bad boy for breaking her heart," because it's an obvious nod to the drama between him and Taylor Swift.

Oh, man. Young Hollywood drama is still the best drama around!

Happy birthday, Camp Rock! Thanks for starting the rise of Joe Jonas: Late 2000s Teen Heartthrob. Fortunately for anyone who's sexual awakening was brought on by Joe Jonas or for anyone who has a heartbeat, he's only gotten hotter with age.  

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