Game of Thrones


Well that was just awesome.

Not only did we finally get to see Ramsay go up against Jon Snow in the most epic of all epic battles, but we also got Daenerys F—king Targaryen totally killing it, we got a brand new ship to sail into the sunset with, and we got SANSA HERSELF GETTING THE ULTIMATE REVENGE.

We are just pleased as punch.

But first, let's honor a couple of the fallen. We had a feeling Rickon was not long for this world, since he was imprisoned by the world's most heinous monster, and we were right. At the start of the big battle for Winterfell, Ramsay let Rickon off his (literal) leash, and told him to run to Jon. Unfortunately, Rickon did not run very fast, and did not know that the best way to run away from arrows is to not run in a straight line. He almost made it to his brother before being pierced through the torso by one of Ramsay's arrows. RIP.

The wildling giant was also felled by one of Ramsay's arrows, along with several hundred other spears and arrows. However, he died after getting Jon and Tormund into Winterfell, where Ramsay was, so that they could finally take down the ass himself.

And finally, Ramsay. Yep. He dead, and it was Sansa who got to dole out his final punishment, to the great delight of literally everyone.

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After her letter brought in an extra army to help save the day (just as Jon Snow finally managed to get out from under the stampede he was being trampled by), Ramsay had holed himself up behind the walls of Winterfell, thinking that meant he was safe. He was safe for all of about 2 seconds, until the giant, Tormund, and Jon burst through those walls.

Jon blocked Ramsay's very terrifying arrows with his shield, until he was close enough to just start punching. He punched and he punched and he punched the god damn hell out of Ramsay's face, until we thought the dude was dead.

Fortunately, he wasn't yet, so Sansa could have the opportunity to destroy the man who abused her very being once and for all. While we kind of wished she would personally chop him up into little pieces, she did something a lot more fitting: She fed him to his own hounds.

"Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear," she told him as the hounds growled in the corner. Fortunately, they had no qualms about eating their own master, and it's safe to say Ramsay is officially no longer.

In Meereen, the masters tried their very best to tell everyone they were in charge. They were going to slaughter the dragons, re-employ Missandei, re-sell the unsullied, etc etc. Yada yada yada, whatever.

Dany had no time for that crap, and quickly corrected them. It was not her who was surrendering, it was them.

"Your reign is over," they tried to tell her.

"My reign has just begun," she said back.

She then promptly hopped on her dragon, freed the other dragons, and summoned her Dothraki army to behead the Sons of the Harpy, take all the ships, kill all their men, and pretty much rule as she had intended.

"Thank you for the armada, our queen does love ships," Tyrion told the masters.

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They were then informed that one of the three of them needed to die now, and two of them quickly volunteered the other. He knelt down, and  Grey Worm beheaded the other two, before sending the now quivering third back home to warn everyone of the power of Daenerys Targaryen.

Later, Dany and Tyrion met with two newcomers, Yara and Theon Greyjoy. They weren't asking for much, really. Just some help killing their uncle and taking back the Iron Islands, and in return, their little armada would help in Dany's quest to take over all the other kingdoms.

After some serious eyeing of each other and a lengthy arm grasp, Dany and Yara agreed, and a new ship was born, while we cheered.

We cheered so much tonight. We're still cheering, we may never stop, and we don't want to. 

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. 

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