Billy Eichner and Ross Mathews Had a Sass-Off on Twitter and We Are Living for Every Petty Second of It

Billy on the Street star claims Ross' Capital One commercials is a total rip off of his own comedy stylings

By Jenna Mullins Jun 17, 2016 10:30 PMTags
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Pull up a chair. Grab some popcorn. And a soda. And a blanket and/or snuggie. It's time to watch a Twitter feud go down.

Emmy-nominee Billy Eichner (Billy on the Street, Difficult People) started some s--t on Friday when he saw a new Capital One commercial that looked a bit too similar to his own take on the "man on the street" bit. So he called them and the star of the ads, Ross Mathews, out on it.

"Yet another Billy on the street ripoff," he tweeted. "I usually ignore but this one is SHAMELESS and PATHETIC. (And not funny)."

He later added: "Hey @CapitalOne & @helloross - don't steal from my f--king show. This is stolen intellectual property. F--K YOU. #GoodbyeRoss"

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The commercial Billy is putting on blast features the red carpet host asking people on the street trivia questions about credit cards and they have to answer "Quicksilver" or "Venture." We'll give it a "meh but cute" on the Funny Commercial scale.

Anyways, Mathews did not appreciate his ads being put down by Eichner, and he clapped back.

"Are you serious? I've been doing man on the street interviews since 2001," he tweeted at Billy. "I've never seen your stuff. Bless your heart."

We all know "bless your heart" actually means "go to hell," so this beef got tasty right away. Although we're not sure if we quite believe that Ross has never seen Billy's stuff. Not one clip featuring the likes of Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, Olivia Wilde or Zachary Quinto? Hmm...

Regardless of all that, Billy responded quickly with his own burn, though it was kind of more toward Capital One and not so much at Ross:

"Perhaps u didn't but ur new friends @CapitalOne certainly did as they reached out to my agents about this campaign," he wrote to the E! star. "HAPPY PRIDE." 

Ross responded via the high road: "Thanks for passing on it. We had a great time together. Happy pride & good luck with everything in the future!"

Though Billy tweeted that he "wouldn't in a million years" claim he invented the "man on the street" segment, it indeed was popularized during Jay Leno's late night era. And since Ross used to be a correspondent for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, maybe Billy's accusations were hitting a little too close to home for him? We'd probably be a little pissed, too.

"@billyeichner accuses me of stealing man on the street segments from him, but I started doing it on TV 15 years ago. Do the math," Ross tweeted

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Eventually, both comedians got their final(?) digs in on Twitter. And by "digs" we mean "passive-aggressive jabs that are basically just insults dressed up in fancy clothes."

"Just googled @billyeichner to watch some of his stuff for the first time," Ross wrote. "He's funny! Wish he was nice, too."

"Life is short and I will not be getting into a Twitter feud with ROSS THE INTERN of all people," Billy posted, directing his users to a new video segment from his show. Hey, you gotta get that self-promotion in during Twitter spats.

The only question we have now is: what would Parks and Rec's Craig think of this sass-off?


Same, Craig. Same.

Now that the 140 character dust has settled, who do you declare the winner? Billy or Ross?

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