Wait, What Now?! 5 Plastic Surgeries You Never Even Knew Existed

Cinderella surgery, lob lift and more!

By Cinya Burton Jun 14, 2016 2:00 PMTags
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Boob jobs, Botox and butt implants—we know you've heard of those. But what about a lob lift or the Cinderella surgery?

Plastic surgery may be more mainstream than ever—folks are watching procedures on Snapchat nowadays—but even the biggest Botched fan might not have heard of those latter nips and tucks.

So in order to better understand the newest trends (and let's be honest, slang) we had Dr. Anthony Youn, author of The Age Fix: A Leading Plastic Surgen Reveals How to Really Look 10 Years Young, break down some of the weirdest reasons people are going under the knife.

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1. Cinderella Surgery: Dr. Scholl's isn't the only foot doc women are turning to for when they no longer want to suffer in stilettos. "This operation is often performed by podiatrists as a way to shorten a second toe that is longer than the big toe," explains Dr. Youn. "Typically a portion of the bone is removed and the toe pinned while the bone heals. Some doctors and patients claim this procedure more functional than cosmetic, as an extremely long second toe could make fitting into shoes difficult. Other patients just like how it looks—the things people do to look good in a pair of Louboutins!"

2. Chubby Cheek Surgery: While a lot of people are willing to inject a whole host of serums into their faces to plump up the fullness, there are also some folks who desire the opposite effect. "Some people believe their cheeks make them appear heavier than they really are," shares Dr. Youn. "This very minor surgery involves making a tiny incision on each side of the inside of the mouth and removing a small chunk of fat called the buccal fat pad. This fat is about the size of a gumball, and in some people can make their lower face look puffy and/or round. The area heals within a couple days, and the results are apparent within a couple weeks. This is a very easy and minimally invasive way to contour the cheeks."

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3. The Outtie-Plasty: While most of us are obsessed with trying to achieve the seemingly impossible six-pack, others are more focused on fixing the middle of their middles. "Umbilicoplasty is where an 'outie' belly button is turned into an 'innie.' It's the same thing as an umbilical hernia repair, except a plastic surgeon does it instead of a general surgeon, and it's usually performed mainly for cosmetic reasons. It creates a small scar around the periphery of the belly button, but otherwise is a pretty minor operation," says Dr. Youn."

4. Calf Reduction Surgery: For some, it seems that simply avoiding the StairMaster isn't enough. "Many people have heard about calf implants, but not many people have heard about calf reduction," shares Dr. Youn. "This procedure involves injecting large amounts of Botox into the calf muscles in order to weaken them and cause them to atrophy, or decrease in size. This procedure is often performed in women who believe their large calves make them look too muscular and not slender enough. Results last approximately six months, after which the treatment must be repeated."

5. Lob Lift: Life-long fans of hoops and chandelier earrings started flocking to the doctor's office in the last few years for this cosmetic tweak. "A lob lift is a minor surgical procedure performed under a local anesthetic where the excess, droopy ear lobe is cut out in a pie shape, and the edges put back together. It essentially is an earlobe reduction, making it smaller."

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