They're the two best friends that anyone could have...

That's exactly what Jimmy Fallon and Mark Ruffalo came to The Tonight Show to prove Wednesday night when they kicked off a round of "The Best Friends Challenge."

The prompt of the game is for both pals to give the same answer to a question about one of the friends, much like The Newlywed Game. Answer the questions correctly and you are deemed best friends for life. However, it wasn't so simple for the celebrity duo, who couldn't manage to get the questions right—except for one. 

First, Fallon was tasked with determining Ruffalo's favorite sandwich. While they both came up with three-letter options, the host's "BLT" answer was no match for the Oscar nominee's preferred choice of peanut butter and jelly. 

Next, Ruffalo had to figure out which physical asset on Fallon is his favorite. While the comedian modestly answered "too many," Mark managed to decide on two—his butt and eyes. Guess again, Ruffalo. 

"I feel like I'm giving a Christmas gift to my wife," he joked. 'It's just so hard to get it right. There's so much pressure."

Jimmy Fallon, Mark Ruffalo, The Tonight Show


The third failed attempt came when the host had to figure out the actor's biggest fear. Though Ruffalo claims he's really afraid of drowning in milk, Fallon thought he was most afraid of being alone in the world. C'mon guys—get it together!

However, before all hope was lost, there was one question the two could easily agree on. "Who's my favorite super hero?"

As the two stood up on their chairs in excitement, they anxiously both wrote "Hulk" on their papers—after all, Ruffalo has starred as the mighty green character in several rounds of The Avengers franchise. 

The two joyously jumped into each other's arms at the sight of their correct answers. "Best friends forever!" Fallon declared. 

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