Ashley Olsen, Elizabeth Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards

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Rebel. Revolutionary. Provocateur.

If the first thing that comes to mind when you read those words is the Olsen Twins, then you are correct. If not, well, it's a good thing you've come to this article.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have long been a twosome that goes against the grain; nobody can tell them what to do. Maybe it all stems from running their own company basically since they left the womb, or maybe it's all because twins are just rebellious, but either way they're going to make their own decisions and straight-up DGAF. If you don't believe us, take the Full House reboot. Literally every other cast member of the original show signed on for, at the very least, a guest spot on the Netflix revival, except for the Olsen Twins. No amount of public shaming or onscreen shade can convince them to do what everyone else is doing. They'll be just fine on their own, thankyouverymuch.

Last night's appearance at the CFDA Awards was just another example of their rule-breaking nature; amidst a sea of designer gowns and girly duds, MK&A stood proud and strong in all their witchy, pants-suited fabulousness. It's time to celebrate the best of their rebellion.

1. The time they waited until 2016 to take a selfie.

First public selfie ever ?? ?? @ElizandJames #SephoraTakeover

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Social media who? MK&A don't need that plebeian hobby. They're far too busy making billions of dollars to scroll through Instagram, much less bother with sharing pictures of themselves with the world. 

2. The time they dressed like real-life Strawberry Shortcake dolls. 

Emmy Cast Flashbacks, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, 1991

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Hats, schmats. This topper is a full-on look. 

3. The time they sat courtside at a Knicks game and didn't even pretend to care about basketball. 

Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, New York Knicks Game

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The year was 2013, the matchup was the Knicks versus the Indiana Pacers, and the Olsen Twin's interest level was exactly zero. Thank you for reminding us that sporting events are actually a great place to socialize, ladies.

4. The time Ashley dressed like Severus Snape.

Ashley Olsen

Elder Ordonez/

Because if anything says "rule-breaker," it's modeling your outfit after the only man to ever successfully betray and fool Voldemort. 

5. The time Ashley wore a cashmere sweater to hot yoga. 

Ashley Olsen


And a leopard-print scarf, mind you!

6. The time they made $55,000 snakeskin backpacks. 

Ashley Olsen

Mok / Splash News

And wore them, too. You could buy at least 1,000 JanSports for that price.

7. The time Ashley wore this incredibly expensive/fancy jacket to hot yoga. 

Ashley Olsen

Doug Meszler / Splash News

Another yoga class, another bizarrely inappropriate outfit. Yet somehow it feels right—the world would probably implode if the Olsens wore Lululemon. 

8. The time they admitted they're terrible singers...despite releasing several albums.

The joke is on America. (Suckers!)

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