If anyone ever doubted The View was live, Whoopi Goldberg disproved that theory Tuesday morning. After the show returned from its final commercial break, she jumped the gun about three minutes early. "Welcome back. We are live-streaming after The View on Facebook Live and we're talking about whether Taylor Swift scared off her last boyfriend Calvin Harris," she said. Goldberg then launched into the topic prematurely. "Apparently she jumped the gun with the marriage thing and the baby talk and freaked him out," she said. "What do you think, Ray?"

Raven-Symoné laughed at Goldberg's mistake as she read from the teleprompter. "Well, I think that Disney's Zootopia was just released on DVD and Blu-ray," she said. "Thanks to our parent company, Disney, members of our audience are getting copies." Goldberg moved on as if nothing had happened. "Thank you! Have a great day," she said. "Take a little time to enjoy the view, y'all!" Then, as cameras were still rolling, she asked the show's producers, "Was that it?"

"No!" Joy Behar said.

Everyone at the table—including co-host Paula Faris and guest co-host Sara Haines—shared a laugh over Goldberg's gaffe. "This one time..." Haines joked without finishing her sentence. Goldberg responded by quoting 1999's American Pie. "This one time at band camp..." she joked.

The co-hosts tried to fill the dead airtime by discussing the rumors regarding Swift and Harris, but Goldberg made it clear she was disinterested in the topic. "You know, I don't think I care as much. But that's OK because you don't need me to care. Y'all need to care because it's an interesting conversation," she said. "Does this happen to her and then she writes about it? Does she cause it to happen?" Raven-Symoné yelled, "Yes!" butNo one else cared about the exes' alleged drama. Furthermore, Faris couldn't let Goldberg's minor mistake go. "Can I add a subject to the streaming show?" she asked. "I do want to talk about band camp. Can we?"

Goldberg tried to sign off once again. "You know what? I'm going to say goodbye now because she just freaked me out," she said of Faris. "We want to thank you for coming, because we're proud to have a live audience. We are live every day, unlike very many people. We want you to have a great day and take a little time to enjoy whatever view you happen upon."

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