Liz and Max forever!

Roswell fans received quite the surprise a few weeks ago when stars Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr had an impromptu reunion, making our nostalgia-loving hearts swell. (Ah, doesn't it feel like it was just yesterday Max saved Liz's life in the Crashdown diner?!)

"Ran into an old friend today!!" Appleby captioned an adorable photo of the duo on Instagram. And her hashtag? "#LizandMax4eva." So. Many. Feelings. And guess what? She took the photo just for Roswell fans. When E! News chatted with Appleby at an Emmy For Your Consideration event for her Lifetime hit unREAL, which returns for its second season tonight at 10 p.m., you know we HAD to ask about the recent Roswell reunion. 

"I was at the Science Center with my kids in Vancouver, and he just tapped me on the shoulder, and it took me a minute to realize it was him!" she told us. "Huge hugs, we talked. Our kids are around the same age, and of course, I was like, social media is asking me to take a photo of the two of us right now so I handed [husband] Jon [Shook] the [phone] and he took a picture of us."

Shiri Appleby, Instagram


Appleby and Behr spent three seasons playing Liz and Max, a human girl and alien boy in an (sometimes) unrequited romance, and the couple quickly developed a loyal and passionate fanbase (see: the Internet's meltdown over the recent photo). "It's great to see him," Appleby said. "We just had a really strong connection, there was a ton of chemistry!"

But would she want to take on the character of Liz again? Press play on the video above to find out!

E! News chatted with Appleby and Behr's Roswell co-stars Brendan Fehr and Nick Wechsler at the ATX TV Festival in 2014, where they both said they didn't think an on-screen revival or reunion was in the cards for the beloved WB and UPN show, which ended in 2002. 

"No. I don't see it," Wechsler told us on a potential revival, while Fehr said, "I will say no to any kind of movie or anything like that, only because I don't have the imagination to see where that character is." 

But Fehr did acknowledge that he and the rest of the Roswell team felt they were canceled too soon. "I think we all feel in some small way that we were cut short," he said. "And that's not to blame anyone or whatever else, I'm just saying everyone gets their time and then you're gone, but it was one where I felt there was so much more potential for that show to go on longer. There were so many more stories to explore and so much more to tell."

unREAL premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. 

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