Facebook emojis, dislike button


You have to have a pretty good eye to spot Facebook's latest update, so don't worry if you missed it. On Friday, it appears the social site went and changed its font, and you may not have even known about it. Mashable notes, they've moved from Helvetica to Geneva, and side-by-side, you can see the difference. The font is thinner and, in our opinion, a tad sleeker than its former go-to. It even looks like Facebook has lightened the text in posts while darkening blue links.



Sneaky, sneaky! Makes us wonder what else they're doing on the sly? Possibly another secret in-Messenger game of sorts? Right now it seems the font change has only taken place on Facebook for desktop. It's still unknown whether or not this change is permanent but we can't say it looks half bad! You can see the changes when you compare the letters "G" and "a" side-by-side. Compare the two blocks of text above and let us know if you can see a difference. Are you into the new font change? 

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