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This weekend, something that is special beyond words will hit theaters. The film world will never be the same. Our entire lives will change. We're talking about the release of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

That's because, after viewing this hilarious flick, you'll never be able to look at any pop star the same way again. Seriously, it will ruin you for all of your musical crushes—but in the best way possible. The movie is a mockumentary that's ripped right from the headlines; they've out Dick Wolf-ed Dick Wolf. It follows Conner 4 Real (played by Andy Samberg), a former member of a successful boy band who goes solo and turns into music's biggest celebrity. 

There isn't one scene in Popstar that isn't eerily similar to the more insane antics we see from pop stars every day, whether Conner is uploading snapchats from his hover board ("Conner's Confession: Hover board Edition!), employing a Perspective Manipulator to make him look taller in pictures (spoiler alert: It's just a short guy who stands next to him) or defiling the Anne Frank house. 

But the flick doesn't just spoof every aspect of Hollywood, it takes aim at the concert documentary genre in general—anyone who will actually cop to having watched Justin Bieber's Believe will find a lot of familiar scenes. The resemblance is uncanny, and as such it screamed for a dedicated Who Said It quiz. So we dare you to guess: Are the below quotes from the farcical Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping or the very, very real Justin Bieber's Believe?

1. "When we're dating, it's like, ahh, I love her so much. And then when we break up it's like, ahh!"

2. "Ever since I met you, I knew in my heart that you was bangin'."

3. "I'm really glad about the fact that we'll get married, because I like her."

4. "I just miss her, bro."

5. "When you've reached a certain point in your life, there are people out there waiting to see you fall."

6. "A wise man once said, everyone's career is a wave; sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down."

7. "You always gotta keep a smile on your face."

8. "My favorite part is the intimate moments with the fans."

9. "My fans and me, we're in love. The arena is our bedroom, and the stage is where we f--k."

10. "What happened was I thought of so many dope lines, I thought what if I put it all in one song?"

Justin Bieber, Andy Samberg

Ray Mickshaw/FOX via Getty Images/ Universal Pictures

11. "You have to take matters into your own hands...and fly."

12. "Nowadays if you don't sell out, people will think no one asked you to."

13. "When people hurt my heart I'm gonna lash out."

14. "A lot of people hatin' right now, but we feed off their hate."

15. "10 seconds is an eternity; it's a third of the way to Mars."

16. "I've been watching a lot of dressage, which is a fancy form of horse dancing."

17. "Ever since I was born, I was dope."

18. "I feel that real showmanship has been lost in modern pop music."

19. "Don't let the pants wear you; you wear the pants."

20. "You know it takes a village to make me look dope."

Answers: 1) Justin Bieber 2) Conner 4 Real 3) Conner 4 Real 4) Justin Bieber 5) Conner 4 Real 6) Conner 4 Real 7) Justin Bieber 8) Justin Bieber 9) Conner 4 Real 10) Conner 4 Real 11) Justin Bieber 12) Conner 4 Real 13) Justin Bieber 14) Conner 4 Real 15) Conner 4 Real 16) Conner 4 Real 17) Conner 4 Real 18) Conner 4 Real 19) Justin Bieber 20) Conner 4 Real

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