Britney's Bollywood Romance a Bust Before It Begins

U.K. tabloid reports of Spears' Christmas canoodling in India apparently as far-fetched as they sounded

By Ken Baker Dec 30, 2008 7:43 PMTags
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Oh, those pesky facts, always ruining a good story!

Sources close to Britney Spears tell E! that despite U.K. tabloid babblings to the contrary, Britney did not fly off to Jodhpur, India, to spend a few days around Christmas with a new Indian boyfriend.

"Britney is not in India," says one Britney source, while another dubs the report a "total fabrication."

Among the erroneous info being shoveled, the U.K. tabloid noted that the Circus singer's supposed new boyfriend, Sandip Soparrkar, choreographed her "Womanizer" video. In fact, the video was choreographed by her longtime choreographer Andre Fuentes.

Sources tell E! News that Britney, who on Dec. 23 wished fans a "Happy Holidays" on by sending out a holiday card with her two boys, spent Christmas at home in Los Angeles.

Britney reportedly left L.A. via private jet on Sunday afternoon and headed to Kentwood, La., where, a Britney fansite reports, Sean and Jayden are with mom.

Though we haven't been able to confirm it yet, Britney is expected to stay in Louisiana for the reported Dec. 31 New Orleans wedding of her brother, Bryan, and his fiancée, Graciella Sanchez, Jamie Lynn's manager.