Josh Duhamel and Fergie's son Axl Jack Duhamel isn't in the terrible twos—more like the adventurous, testing-things-out twos.

"He is a fully formed two and a half year old, about to be three at the end of August," Josh told E! News' Zuri Hall at an event for GMC's #EnlistMe campaign to support Military Appreciation Month. "He's talking, running, jumping..."

"What they do is they test your limits," Josh explained. "They test their limits trying to do whatever they can, and it's usually pretty dangerous."

Axl's quite "a little dude," said his dad. "It's all about trucks and swords..."

The little guy is taking on quite a mind of his own, too! "They go from these helpless little infants to these little humans that say and think things, that you're like, 'Where did he learn that?' He certainly didn't learn that from me...unless it's something really brilliant, and then I take all the credit."

Axl isn't the only opinionated fella putting Josh to work—director Michael Bay is eager to "test my limits" in the next Transformers movie, too. Watch the clips above for more from Josh on that, plus, find out what he he's so passionate about GMC's #EnlistMe campaign. As Josh explains it, "What we're trying to do is raise as much money as we can to build what we're calling smart homes for these severely injured service men and women who frankly deserve to have that independence that they've sacrificed everything for."

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