Botched, Botched 304


It was a very risky Botched episode!

On Tuesday's Botched, the doctors endured multiple surgeries that had the threat of major complications.

During the episode, Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow met with Victor, who believed his nose "looks like chopped pork" after having rhinoplasty. The doctors agreed to do the surgery, but Victor actually experienced a complication after the operation.

So what did the doctors do after the complication occurred?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to learn more about the patient who had stars implanted on her ribs!

Botched, Botched 304


1. Victor Thinks His Nose "Looks Like Chopped Pork":

On the episode we meet Victor, who believes his nose "looks like chopped pork."

"My name is Victor AKA Victoria Pork Chop Parker, I am a female impersonator and entertainer," Victor reveals. "And my nose looks like chopped pork."

Victor started having silicone treatments in 1999 and at the time the person who did the silicone procedures was a nurse working in a doctor's office. The nurse actually did the procedures in a basement!

After having silicone injected into his nose, Victor started to notice "modules" in his face and "granulomas."

Victor was then referred to a plastic surgeon and he was "given a rhinoplasty" and had "six silicone granulomas removed" from his face.

But after a week, Victor noticed a bump on his nose that wasn't there before that makes him feel like he has a "wart" on his face.

So Victor wants to meet with the doctors to see if they can help him remove the bump and make him feel more confident to walk out the door as Victor without "hiding behind a mask of makeup or sunglasses or a hat."

2. Victor Meets With the Doctors:

The doctors meet with Victor in the exam room in order to take a look at his nose. They tell Victor about all of the risks associated with the surgery and Victor tells them that he's "willing to take the chance."

"I don't think anything could look worse," he tells the doctors. "Least if I try then I know I've done it and I've done it with the very best."

He continues, "I would rather die trying than live like this the rest of my life, ashamed of who I am."

3. Kim Thinks Her Breasts Look Like ''Sideshow'' Boobs:

After having multiple breast surgeries and experiencing major complications, Kim reveals her breasts look like "sideshow" boobs.

So she visits the doctors to see if they can help fix her chest.

The doctors agree to do the surgery, but tell Kim that it's possible when they put new implants in her it might not work.

Everyone agrees to move forward with "positive thinking" and hope that the surgery is successful.

Botched, Botched 304


4. Ashlea Reveals She Had Stars Implanted on Her Rib Cage:

About five years ago, Ashlea decided to have stars implanted on her rib cage.

"One day I stumbled upon a tattoo shop saying they had a guest artist coming in from New York and he actually specialized in subdermal implants," Ashlea reveals.

After having the stars implanted on her rib cage, Ashlea noticed that they are asymmetrical and she even experiences pain regularly.

So Ashlea's hoping the doctors can remove the stars so she can move on with her life, pain free.

Botched, Botched 304


5. Victor Doesn't Have a Granuloma, But He Does Have a Zit:

While operating on Victor, Dr. Nassif discovers that Victor doesn't have a granuloma and the bump on his nose is actually a zit.

Dr. Nassif explains, "Victor did not have a granuloma, he had a giant, enormous zit!"

6. Ashlea Tells the Doctors About Her Star Implants:

When Ashlea meets with the doctors, she tells them about her past piercings and how it lead to her star implants.

The doctors then examine Ashlea to see if they can operate and they agree to do the surgery. But Ashlea says she doesn't want to be put under anesthesia when they do the surgery, she wants to be awake!

"If I made it through getting them put in, might as well watch them get taken out, I've been waiting for it for years now," Ashlea explains.

Botched, Botched 304


7. "Did I Just Puncture the Lung?"

During Kim's complicated beast surgery, Dr. Dubrow worries that he might've punctured her lung.

"Did I just puncture the lung?" he asks.

"You puncture the lung and you've got a whole new set of problems that you don't want to see," Dr. Dubrow says.

Luckily everything is fine and the surgery is a complete success.

After the surgery Kim says she's more "comfortable" and "confident" and she that she got her "perkiness back."

Botched, Botched 304


8. Victor Experiences a Complication:

A week after his surgery, Victor meets with the doctors to see how his nose is doing. When Dr. Nassif removes the bandages he sees that there's a complication.

"What I didn't want to happen, he has some tissue death and it's significant," Dr. Nassif explains.

"This is a complication," Dr. Nassif tells Victor. "So now what we have to do is go back in the operating room to do a scar revision and bring in the two edges of normal skin together."

Victor agrees and tells the doctors he's "ready to fight."

Botched, Botched 304


9. Ashlea Remains Awake During Operation:

Ashlea didn't want to be put under anesthesia, so she remains awake during the entire surgery. While she said it feels "gross" she doesn't experience any major pain and the doctors are able to remove the stars from Ashlea's body.

After her surgery, Ashlea reveals that she can actually "move" without experiencing any pain.

Botched, Botched 304


10. Victor Leaves the House Without Makeup:

Victor's second surgery is a total success and Dr. Nassif is able to remove the scar tissue on his nose.

After the surgery, Victor is able to leave his house without any makeup on and show everyone "the new me."

"It feels amazing," Victor reveals. "Because I never thought I'd get here."

Watch a new episode of Botched Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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