Victoria Beckham, Instagram


Thank you VERY much, Victoria Beckham! You're a Goddess. Unbeknownst to fans everywhere, the former Spice Girl made a beautifully '00s hip-hop album, back when Von Dutch was a thing. Sadly for us, she never released it, and sadly for her (we assume, although we love it), it was leaked, Mirror says. She may have had her mic shut off during Spice Girls concerts, but she showed us what her pipes could do on this album. We've collected some of our favorite demo's you must hear (and we mean must) if you call yourself a VB fan.

Curious how it all came to be? In 2003, Mrs. Becks partnered up with Roc-A-Fella's Damon Dash, to create some jams together. These not-yet-polished tracks wound up online seemingly by way of eBay. The album that never happened is titled Come Together. It was auctioned off of the retail site and boom! Now 17 songs are online for everyone to enjoy. Turn up some of our favorite demos from the leak. Anyone else getting some major Blu Cantrell/Samatha Mumba vibes?!

"That Dude [Demo]"

"So Cold"

"He's My Lover"

"Baby Boy"

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