Why JoJo Fletcher Kept the Drunk Canadian on The Bachelorette and More Premiere Secrets Revealed

Exclusive: JoJo herself opens up about her first night as ABC's leading lady to E! News

By Tierney Bricker May 25, 2016 3:51 PMTags
Watch: Why Did JoJo Fletcher Keep the Drunk Canadian?!

And the final rose goes to...the Drunk Canadian?!

In a season premiere full of surprises, JoJo Fletcher deciding to give the final rose of the night to Daniel, the "Canadian" (The job title he offered up. For real.) who got pretty wasted on the first night of The Bachelorette, was arguably the most puzzling moment. Come on, the dude stripped down to his underwear and couldn't stop poking the other guys' belly buttons. So why did JoJo decide to keep him?

"Everyone's like, 'Why did you keep Daniel?!' He was comedic relied for me that night," the Bachelorette tells E! News' Carissa Culiner. "I was like, this guy has to be different when he's not just hammered. I just wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt!"

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And while JoJo, 25, said she "saw him take his clothes off, and I was like, what in the world?!," she didn't see some of his other belly-button-poking behavior until she watched the premiere on Monday night.  "I don't see those things, but just watching it back, I was just like, dear lord, this is insane!"

Of course, Daniel wasn't the only suitor to enjoy the free-flowing alcohol a little too much on the first night. Still, as someone who went through the same process during Ben Higgins' season, JoJo cut the rowdy bunch a little slack. "The guys drank a lot. They definitely took advantage of the open bar that night, but I understand what it's like. IT's a long night, you're nervous," she said. "Yes, they had a little bit too much fun, but a lot of the time it made me laugh!"

As for JoJo's favorite limo arrival? She had a few, including Luke, who rode up on a unicorn. But she also revealed to us which limo arrivals she was less than impressed by. Press play on the video above to find out, and stay tuned for more Bachelorette scoop from JoJo!

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