Is Suzanne Collins working on prequels for her The Hunger Games?

Sam Claflin, who played Finnick Odair in the hit movie franchise, says he's hopeful the best selling author is game for some prequels.

"The great thing about what Suzanne Collins did was to create a world where people want to learn more about it and I think they absolutely have the platform to do [prequels]," the British actor told me this weekend while promoting Me Before You (in theaters on June 3).

Claflin even has some story ideas. "I think there's so many juicy elements to this story, elements that people want to know more about, I think telling the story of how the Hunger Games first started that to me is interesting," he said, adding, "To see Woody Harrelson's character do his Hunger Games? I think it really really is something that could be done."

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Sam Claflin

Murray Close/Lionsgate

Back in late 2015, Lionsgate vice chairman Michael Burns reportedly said at a UBS Global Media and Communications Conference that the studio was looking at the possibility of developing prequels to the hit franchise because he said it had the potential to live on like the Harry Potter franchise.

At the time, Jennifer Lawrence dismissed the idea.

"Screw that," Lawrence told E! News. "No, way too soon. No support. I think it's too soon. The body's not even cold yet."

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