Drive, Ryan Gosling, Toronto Film Festival

Richard Foreman/OddLot Entertainment

We've all been the shoeless drunk person, crying into a sack of McNuggets after the club closes. You somehow lost all of your friends, and your ex won't text you back even though you resent your message 37 times. Almost anyone can relate to a good night gone wrong, but what if there was something that could make it all better? Something that didn't involve shame-eating at 3 in the morning. What if you requested an Uber and Ryan Gosling was your driver? Instant mood rewind, AMIRIGHT!? You'd shove your iPhone (and all those unanswered texts) into your McNuggets bag and throw it out the window like ya just don't care. 'Cause you don't! Ryan Gosling is driving your frickin' Uber. Glory, glory, hallelujah.  

Okay, back to reality. The truth is, he's busy tending to a talented and beautiful wife, Eva Mendes, some kiddos, and a fire acting career. Ubering for extra cash prob wouldn't even cross his mind. Not even after how great he was behind the wheel in Drive. We can, however, thanks to YouTuber Joey Thompson, imagine the world in which Ry-Guy could pick us up at the touch of a button. Thanks to this parody he posted to the social site, Drive has been given the unofficial sequel it deserves, "Drive 2: The Uber Years Official Trailer." Thompson plays a Gosling look-alike (who seriously had us fooled for the real thing) running around town experiencing the dark side of Ubering boneheads around town. Oh, and that sexy scorpion jacket makes a must-see return. 

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