Louis C.K. did not disappoint on Jeopardy!

The comedian competed against CNN's Kate Bolduan and the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart on the game show, and although he admittedly faced some nerves prior to the taping, he ended up winning $50,000 for an underserved women's charity!

"The thing is, I think they're going to be funnier than me," he said of his opponents. "Because, they're going to be eager to be funny, and I'm not eager to be funny. It's just something that kind of happens. I'm going to be too scared that I'm going to lose the game."


"You need to be comfortable to be funny and this is not my comfort zone," he said in a pre-show clip. "However, it might be funny for other people to watch me be very uncomfortable."

Louis was sure right on that! Although the Louie star admittedly "lucked out" and knew a lot about some of the categories, he also had a hilariously awkward moment of freezing up on the spot.

"Oh, boy," he said after being first to buzz in and called on to answer. "Why did I ring in?"

In the end, though, Louis picked up $50,000 that will be given to the Fistula Foundation, an organization providing care to women who incur this obstetric injury during childbirth and are left incontinent.

In an interview with USA Today, Fistula Foundation CEO  Kate Grant explained why Louis chose to contribute to this cause, saying, "The short answer: He was interested in a women's issue, particularly one where women are underserved."

"Fistula patients, they're modern day lepers," she added. "Too often in places, women don't get Depend pads or even hot showers or multiple changes of clothes, and end up way too often they become outcasts in rural areas."

Fortunately, this problem is fixable with surgery, but that requires funds. As the Fistula Foundation CEO told USA Today, Louis has been a great ambassador to raise money for this particular cause. "You start talking about incontinence and vaginas and everyone gets uncomfortable," she said. "And the population is indigent. We're so grateful to Louis C.K., it takes a real mensch to get this done."

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