Zac Efron Tries Out His Crimped Hairstyle From Eighth Grade and Has a Water War With Jimmy Fallon

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising star gets wet 'n' wild on The Tonight Show

By Zach Johnson May 19, 2016 11:12 AMTags

Jimmy Fallon had just two questions after seeing one of Zac Efron's most iconic #TBT pictures: "First of all, who is this guy and what happened to him?" he jokingly asked on NBC's The Tonight Show Wednesday. The Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising actor, 28, laughed at his former self, saying, "I was at a summer camp for the arts...I think I lied about my age to get in. I was actually an eighth grader and they only let in juniors and seniors, and a few freshmen; I squeezed in as a freshman. It was just me and a bunch of a lot older girls and they crimped my hair and I thought I was awesome...Anything they told me, I just said, 'Yes.' That sounds bad, but it was true."

"Do you think you could still pull this style off?" Fallon asked.

"I don't know," Efron replied.

As luck would have it, Fallon happened to have a wig in the very same style. As he applied it to his guest's head, Efron asked, "Why do you guys have these things?" Fallon brushed him off, saying, "Act like this isn't even happening." After seeing it, he remarked, "It's not bad, actually."

"Does it look as good as it feels?" Efron asked. "It feels amazing."

Fallon then put on a matching wig. "It suits you!" Efron said.

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They kept their wigs on for Water War, a twist on the card game War. Whoever won a hand got a throw water in the other player's face; they each had five glasses of water. The first person to throw all fives glasses in his opponent's face won and got to use a water cannon on the loser. Fallon won the first hand. "I love what you've done with your hair," he joked just before he threw water at Efron. "I kind of missed on that one a little bit; it's hard to see with your hair."

Efron agreed, saying, "It's hard to see with the bangs."

"I'm keeping mine dry!" Fallon boasted.

At one point, an audience member screamed, "Take your shirt off!" Though she was likely referring to Efron, Fallon replied, "No, I can't! I have a show to do! I can't take my shirt off." Efron was ready for that kind of suggestion: "When anyone asks you that, just say, 'After you!'"

Fallon and Efron each won a few hands before they waged War. Whoever won the hand got to throw a pitcher of water on the other person.

To find out who won, watch the video now.

After the show, Efron realized he didn't have dry clothes to wear on his way home. "Another suit soaked to the bone and forgot to bring dry underwear," he wrote on Instagram. "Thanks @jimmyfallon. #FallonTonight."

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