Krysten Ritter Really Understands How the Internet Works...So Could She Cameo on Better Call Saul?

She's the superhero we all want and need

By Chris Harnick May 18, 2016 4:57 PMTags
Watch: Krysten Ritter on Winning Actress of the Year Webby

Krysten Ritter is the superhero we want AND need. The star of Marvel's Jessica Jones was honored with a Webby Award for her portrayal of the Marvel Comics character in the Netflix streaming series.

"It's so exciting," she told E! News at the Webby Awards where she took home the honor of Best Actress. "I love my show and I love the role. It was an amazing opportunity so being celebrated is totally fun. There's nothing cooler than playing Jessica Jones. She's so badass, she's so cool, she's so powerful and that's the dream."

The Netflix series wowed fans and critics alike. "I was so thrilled to get the Marvel base on board," she said. "And the people that come up to me every day and say, ‘I don't really even like superheroes and I love your show,' it's awesome."

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Next up for Ritter is another season of Jessica Jones and the Marvel team-up series The Defenders. The miniseries will feature Ritter's Jessica Jones, Charlie Cox as Daredevil, Mike Colter as Luke Cage and Finn Jones as Iron Fist. As for what you can expect for the further adventures of everybody's favorite hard-drinking superhero private eye? Her lips are sealed for a very good reason.

"I actually don't know anything. They do me a favor by not telling me anything because then I'm not a liar," she said about not knowing what's in store for the second season.

Ritter shot to fame with roles on Veronica Mars and Breaking Bad, and when asked about potentially appearing on Better Call Saul, she was more than prepared on how to handle the question. "Of course," she said when asked if she'd be up for appearing on the show. But she knows what that means. "That will be on the Internet tomorrow."

"Vince [Gilligan] is a genius. I love that show," she said.

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