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Y'all hear that buzzing? No, you're not having a stroke. Well, you're probably not. Maybe see a doctor if the buzzing persists for longer than an hour. But more than likely it's just the sound of Beyoncé's fanbase, the Beyhive, swarming all over someone else that forgot the golden rule. We're not talking about that "do unto others" thing. We're talking about: "Thou shall not diss Beyoncé, lest her fans smite you on social media."

We all saw what happened to Lululemon when they came for Bey. And history will probably never forget the whole "Becky with the good hair" fiasco. So why does anyone bother throwing shade at Queen B, even if it's al in good fun?

Chick-fil-A is getting a taste of the Beyhive right now after photos of signs claiming their lemonade is better than Bey's latest album popped up on social media. Obviously statements like "Lemonade fresher than Beyoncé's" and "Sorry Beyoncé our lemonade is better" are meant in jest, but intention doesn't really matter to Queen B's army.

When Bey name-dropped Red Lobster in her song "Formation," sales for the restaurant spiked 33 percent. But just as she giveth, Beyoncé also taketh away, this time in the form of her fans flooding Chick-fil-A's social media pages with their usual tactic of emoji warfare. The lemon emoji and the bee emoji has taken over the comment section of Chick-fil-a's Instagram photos, and showing now signs of slowing down:

Chick-fil-a Lemonade sign, Beyonce, Beyhive


It still remains to be seen if the fast food establishment has learned its lesson and will change those signs, but we have a feeling that Chick-fil-a is just sitting back and drinking in this free publicity. And that free press probably tastes sweeter than any batch of lemonade those employees are cooking up.

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