Oscar Isaac Has No Clue How or Why He Became "the Internet's Boyfriend"

X-Men: Apocalypse star appears on the cover of Rolling Stone

By Francesca Bacardi May 18, 2016 3:20 PMTags

Doesn't Oscar Isaac know that posing with a puppy will instantly make a person that much more desirable?

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens star covers Rolling Stone and shares the coveted space with the most adorable dog. If people weren't swooning over him thanks to his roles in Inside Llewyn Davis, X-Men: Apocolaypse and Star Wars, they definitely will now. As the magazine notes, Isaac has been dubbed by many bloggers as "the Internet's boyfriend," though he isn't aware of it.

"The Internet never struck me as being into monogamous relationships," he tells the magazine, chuckling. "It's very promiscuous, the Internet."

Of course, his relationship with the Internet hit a low point when a picture of him surfaced wearing an Atlas Shrugged T-shirt. It didn't matter that he had worn it five years before the Internet discovered it. "I liked the design," he explains. "I didn't think wearing the shirt was saying I agreed with all her politics. I'm not a libertarian!"

Oscar Isaac Talks Epic "Star Wars" Fandom
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But with his A-list work launching him into the spotlight, Isaac has learned to keep the bright lights and the noise away from him and his private life. He still lives in his one-bedroom Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment and doesn't own a car. "You know how much a garage is? It's like paying rent!" he quips.

Although he wants to continue living his down-to-earth life, there are hints that he has given into some of the perks of fame. He has bought houses for his mother and sister and completely renovated the aforementioned Brooklyn apartment. Other than that, he wants to say a completely normal guy. What does that look like for Isaac? Rocking out with friends at music space not too far from his apartment.

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He and his pals just "fool around" these days, but it's clear Isaac never left his music and band days behind; he recently penned a love song called "Devotion." A fiercely private person when it comes to his personal life and relationship with Elvira Lind, Isaac and his song are the closest anyone will get to hearing about his perspective on love.

"The life that I see is a life I'm ready to begin/It took me a while, but now I welcome you in," he performs for the magazine. "With a word, I'll put my devotion to the test/I'll strap your love around me like a suicide vest."

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