Celebrating Monica and Chandler's Anniversary With 15 of Their Best Moments on Friends

Our favorite TV couple tied the knot in 2001

By Kendall Fisher May 17, 2016 10:13 PMTags
Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, FriendsDanny Feld/NBC

Today marks a very big day for one of our favorite on-screen couples...Monica and Chandler got married on this date 15 years ago!

Yes, the beloved Friends couple—played by Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry—said "I do" on May 17, 2001, during the season 7 finale of the series.

The wedding and everything leading up to it was one of our favorite memories from the show, which got us thinking about more of the greatest Chandler and Monica (Mondler?) moments. From dancing with a turkey on her head to having sexy time with the flu, their proposal to the first time they said "I love you," this couple continuously blessed us with years of belly laughs and lots of love.

Thus, without further ado, we present you 15 of their best moments on Friends:

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1. Their First Romantic Night in London: How could we ever forget this steamy make out sesh? All of the sexual tension had built up, and it finally culminated in this hilarious scene—which, of course, Joey almost interrupted.

2. The Time Monica Tried to Seduce Chandler on Thanksgiving: In the flashback episode, Monica accidentally chops off Chandler's toe while trying to get him to want her.

3. The First Time Chandler Said "I Love You:" All of this after Monica made up to him for the Thanksgiving incident by dancing with a turkey on her head. It doesn't get more perfect than that.

4. How They Tried Hiding Their Relationship: We can never forget when Joey walked in on them sharing a bubble bath. Monica hid under water, and they eventually ended up with fried chicken and a diet coke. Every time they were forced to hide their love, we always laughed.

5. When They Used to Fight Like This: In this episode, they argued over what to do with the spare room once they moved in together—an argument that turned into a competition of mimicry that was totally mature and totally something we've all likely done with a significant other.

6. The First Time They Met: It was Thanksgiving 1987 when Monica met Chandler for the first time, and the spark was there (at least for her) from the beginning. Her hilariously adorable reaction is priceless!

7. The Proposal: If you didn't tear up and laugh simultaneously during Monica and Chandler's dual proposal, something is wrong with you. Of course it would end up like this, and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

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8. Chandler Gets Drunk Monica to Her Surprise Party: Monica gets a little too drunk while celebrating her 30th birthday, but she didn't know Chandler had set up a surprise party for her. He helps hide her drunkenness from her parents...starting with her breath (LOL).

9. When They Gambled for Marriage in Las Vegas: The pair are playing craps, and after a long winning streak, Chandler suggests that, if they win again, it's a sign they should get married in Sin City that night.

10. The Wedding: After some hilariously rough moments leading up to it, Monica and Chandler's wedding was full of laughter and tears and everything we'd hoped for.

11. That Time Monica Braided Her Entire Head of Hair: Chandler was never afraid to react to things exactly the way he was feeling, and, even better, Monica never cared. 

12. When Monica Tried to Seduce Chandler With the Flu: Even when she was sick, Monica was always trying to spice things up...and this moment was one of her best attempts (key word: attempt).

13. Chandler's Dance Moves After Convincing Erica to Have Their Baby: Chandler and Monica finally found a woman (Erica) who will carry their baby for them, but when she feels like they aren't the right couple, Chandler gives an amazing speech that convinces her otherwise.

14. The Twins Are Born: Monica and Chandler hilariously argue over keeping both twins, and while things got heated, we still couldn't help but laugh at some of Chandler's reasoning.

15. The Final Scene: While we all cried during this scene, Chandler and Monica kept us laughing as they explained to the babies about their N.Y.C. apartment and all of it's history—including the benefit of rent control. LOL.

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