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They say to never judge a book by its cover, but they never said not to judge a show based on its trailer!

As the networks start presenting their 2016-17 schedules to advertisers this week, they're offering glimpses of what the season will have in store. Since your DVR is probably overloaded already, not only have we compiled a handy post with every new show trailer we could find, we also ranked them from the most promising (a.k.a. must. have. NOW.) to the least (a.k.a. these might not even make the super-busy DVR recording schedule at all).

Now, NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS and The CW have released clips of a of their new shows, which you can find ranked from best to worst below! Note: The networks have not released trailers for all of their shows, many midseason offerings were screened to press and advertisers, but not released wide.

1. Designated Survivor, ABC

Kiefer Sutherland knows how to save the world, but can he lead it? We're into it. Also, hi Maggie Q!

2. Conviction, ABC

Hayley Atwell as a bad girl former first daughter lawyer? Sign us up. Actually sign us up for anything Hayley Atwell does.

3. Star, Fox

This will DEFINITELY fill the Empire-sized void in our hearts during season three's winter hiatus. Thank you, Lee Daniels!

4. Pitch, Fox

This is clearly going to be one of those Friday Night Lights-style dramas that will take a little coaxing to get the non-athletically inclined to tune in, but once they do they'll love it. Better brush up on your "but it's not really about sports, you guys" speech!

5. Prison Break, Fox

This is not a drill! The Scofield brothers are back (both of them!) and we already have chills from the trailer for the new season.

6. The Good Place, NBC

Kristen Bell and Ted Danson in a comedy from the creator of Parks and Recreation? And not just any comedy, a comedy about a woman who sent to heaven by mistake when she really should be in hell? Are we in heaven?

7. This Is Us, NBC

We dare you not to cry when watching this trailer for Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia's new show. Dare. You. The heart strings, they are pulled. The feels, they are had.

8. No Tomorrow, The CW

Cute, cute, cute! The CW's new romantic comedy features a charming lead (Galavant's Joshua Sasse) and already has us wanting to live our life to the fullest. That life includes watching this show.

9. The Mick, Fox

Kaitlin Olson finally gets the starring vehicle she so richly deserves. We're already hooked.

10. Making History, Fox

Leighton Meester and Adam Pally are in a show together. Who even really cares what it's about? (But just FYI it's one of the like 50 new time travel shows this season and it looks really funny.)

11. Shots Fired, Fox

You can tell it's important because it's got that very serious slow, tinkly piano intro…but in all seriousness, this ripped-from-the-headlines series about a black cop who shoots and kills a white teenage boy should tackle some important topics.

12. 24: Legacy, Fox

It's a race against the clock in a real time format, only Corey Hawkins is your new Kiefer Sutherland. If you liked the original series this should be up your alley, but if not…

13. Notorious, ABC

Interesting concept starring charming leads. Intrigued, yes, sold? Not completely.

14. Bull, CBS

Michael Weatherly continues to be effortlessly charming in this series that's somehow based on Dr. Phil's early years. Who knew Dr. Phil was so suave and fascinating? If you like every other procedural on CBS, you'll probably love this.

15. Frequency, The CW

Another show based on a movie! This looks OK, there's some intrigue as to how they'll do this week after week.

16. Timeless, NBC

So, people travel through time and then…stop things? Or make sure things happen. There's a lot to digest here. We're intrigued, but not completely sold.

17. Time After Time, ABC

Yes, handsome leads. Yes, more time travel. How long can this last? How long can H.G. Wells hunt Jack the Ripper? And yes, we never thought that second question would ever be a question we asked.

18. American Housewife, ABC

We always have room for a quirky comedy with a fresh voice. Don't make this too cookie cutter, please.

19. Speechless, ABC

This Minnie Driver comedy looks like the kind of thing that will make us laugh and cry at the same time, and we're into it.

20. Man With A Plan, CBS

If Joey Tribbiani grew up, had kids, and turned into Mr. Mom, it would be exactly this.

21. Lethal Weapon, Fox

Okay, so there are about a million buddy cop duos on television and a million and one movie remakes (give or take) but sue us, we still laughed.

22. MacGyver, CBS

We're not exactly sure who was clamoring for MacGyver's origin story, but George Eads looks solid as Lucas Till's comedic sidekick.

23. Son of Zorn, Fox

No idea how this is gonna work but honestly, color us intrigued.

24. The Great Indoors, CBS

It's as if someone took the pilot to Last Man Standing and replaced Tim Allen with Joel McHale for extra snark.

25. Pure Genius, CBS

Tech billionaire buys hospital. Completely unbelievable, out-of-this-world psuedo-science ensues.

26. Still Star-Crossed, ABC

All about a sweeping period romantic drama, but this seems like a better movie?

27. Downward Dog, ABC

Allison Tolman is a treasure. Talking dogs are interesting...but this just doesn't quite mesh in the trailer.

28. Imaginary Mary, ABC

Jenna Elfman strikes again! This is interesting and a definitely a big swing for ABC, but this trailer has us asking our imaginary friend "Why?"

29. The Exorcist, Fox

Why so SERIOUS? (But hooray for Geena Davis on TV!)

30. APB, Fox

Cool, another cop show!

31. Training Day, CBS

In the movie, Denzel Washington was the villain. In this version, his analogue comes off as some type of hero, which seems irresponsible. Plus, Bill Paxton is no Denzel. Sorry.

32. Kevin Can Wait, CBS

Kevin will be waiting forever if he think we're going to watch this. Plus, didn't we move past that whole schlubby husband-hot wife trope? 

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