A Love Letter to George Clooney and Julia Roberts: Why The Actors Make the Best Coworkers Ever

Could anyone be any cuter?

By Seija Rankin May 12, 2016 10:09 PMTags
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This weekend, audiences will have a choice. They can go see any combination of superheroes battling to near-death, or they can choose to sit and watch two of our greatest cinematic treasures share the screen yet again. We think you all know what the correct choice is here.

Yes, readers, we are fawning over one George Clooney and one Julia Roberts. Starting tomorrow they star in Money Monster, a thrilling yet darkly funny tale of a goon-ish financial talk show host who is taken hostage by a disgruntled viewer who hedged all his bets on the ill-conceived recommendation of said goon-ish financial talk. You may think you have accidentally stepped into a time machine here. Clooney and Roberts? A darkly funny thriller? 

But no, it is 2016 and the movie gods have blessed us with another pairing from our favorite A-listers. 

We are of course aware that George and Julia (Georlia? Juge?) may not be everyone's first choice for constant costars—they're up against the likes of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Or Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Or Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. Meta! But while other couples may produce movies that are just as solid, nobody has the whole package like Juge. 

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They make great movies. We have two words for you: Oceans Eleven. Case closed. Okay, okay, it's also worth mentioning Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Oceans Twelve. What we love about Clooney/Roberts collaborations is that instead of just cranking out pithy rom-coms, they come together for totally badass thrillers. They weave us tales of professed CIA hit men, paroled thieves and complicated casino heists. They seem to thrive best together when there's tension in the air, and their jovial chemistry brings some much-needed humor into play. Money Monster is no different, with Roberts playing the producer to Clooney's host, offering up a source of wisdom and calm. For her part, Roberts just told E! News at the Cannes premiere that she in fact took the role because she "does whatever George does." How's that for a working relationship?

Their partnership extends beyond the camera. Costars, sure, but they make movie magic even when one of their names isn't on the billboard. As a now-seasoned producer and director, George has tapped into the talent vault that is Julia on several occasions. His first foray into movie-making was the aforementioned Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which saw Roberts playing a CIA operative and also wearing one of her kicky wigs. Clooney also produced August: Osage County, arguably the biggest tearjerker in Roberts' repertoire. Friends hiring friends...isn't it lovely?

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They are actually, genuinely very good friends. Hollywood is a place of fallacy. People make nice for the cameras all the time, when behind-the-scenes it's a nightmare of awkwardness—just watch any of the Fifty Shades of Grey promotional tour for proof. But George and Julia have been pals for decades, and theirs is a partnership we can actually believe in. The biggest sign that she's part of his inner circle? He unleashes his legendary pranks on Julia. She's spoken of his knack for piling things outsider her trailer to trap her inside, but our personal favorite was a prank in the early 2000s when Clooney rigged a bucket of water outside her door, only to accidentally unleash it on a hotel bellhop instead.

They've also been with each other through thick, thin and many a romantic milestone. George has lent out his coveted Lake Como home to the Roberts/Moder family for anniversary celebrations, and he looked to Julia for a stamp of approval after he married Amal.  

Their chemistry makes for the best press tours of all time. We get it: Doing interviews can be a bore. Celebrities are forced to sit in a room and answer the same questions over and over again. That's why it's so refreshing to find a twosome that has so much damn fun together. Whenever George and Julia get together it turns into a party, like the Great Giggle Fest of 2016 that was the recent Money Monster press tour. Seriously, we could be entertained for hours just watching these two crack each other up with what are arguably some of the lamest jokes of all time. See for yourselves:

George Clooney and Julia Roberts' favorite movie of each others? That?s pretty simple? ??

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And, just for good measure, know that these two cuties also spend fancy cocktail parties laughing about viral videos on their phones. Done and done.

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