Catfish's Nev Schulman and Girlfriend Laura Perlongo Are Expecting a Baby Girl

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By Francesca Bacardi May 11, 2016 7:35 PMTags
Nev Schulman, Laura PerlongoDimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Congratulations are in order!

Catfish star Nev Schulman and girlfriend Laura Perlongo are expecting a baby girl. Shulman shared the exciting news on Instagram, posting a very happy photo of his girlfriend getting an ultrasound. Holding her hand, Schulman kisses her forehead upon hearing the news. "IT'S A GIRL! No words can capture the excitement and joy I feel about becoming a father," he wrote. "I am so in love with you @el_peego and thank you for giving me this incredible gift. You inspire and excite me every day."

Perlongo further opened up about the news in an op-ed written exclusively for ATTN, explaining the story of how she found out she was "pregnant accidentally on purpose."

"I had taken a gummy with my boyfriend. Well, I guess first I had condom-less, birth control-free sex where the white stuff got inside the vaginal pocket, but a couple weeks later I ate marijuana in the form of candy. Being a timing expert, halfway into a giggly game of cards, I went to the bathroom for my pre-menstrual pregnancy test ritual," she explained. "Like most girls not on birth control, every month there is a day or two where I confuse normal PMS with ‘definitely pregnant.' So there I sat, waiting for menstrual reassurance next to my favorite lil digital sand timer, tapping cheerfully through stories on Snapchat. Tip tap tippy two…[lines]."

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After telling Schulman that she was pregnant, the mutually agreed they would figure it out together, even though "we'd only been dating long-distance 7 months (with a break in August)." But with their optimism and excitement, the couple decided to embrace their baby, even though their friends didn't necessarily feel the same way.

"After a few teary-eyed nights in an empty bathtub, I had made up my mind. Ultimately I didn't believe I should deprive myself of a much-wanted experience because of stereotypical perceptions of what motherhood was supposed to look like," she shared. "We can do it our way. Right? Nev and I. Other couples. Other moms. Our generation. Right? Yeah!"

Perlongo wrapped up her announcement/blog post by gushing about how happy she and Schulman are. "To make a long letter short, Nev and I certainly have no idea what we're doing, we just know we're doing something we want to be doing," she ended the post. "Hopefully we don't suck at it or turn into know-it-all zombies. Mainly we're just really happy and excited."

Congratulations again!

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