Emoji Monkeys


Here we go again! The Internet strikes with another mystery it just cannot seem to solve. Instead of a pesky math problem, it has to do with the emoji's we all use and love. The three monkey emoji's are under fire as the Internet cannot figure out one (or two if you want to play along with the theme here) mind-blowing question(s). When it comes to the three monkeys, are we looking at three different bb's making three different faces, or one monkey making three different faces? We'll give you a second to grab your jaw off the floor. To be honest, we never thought about this insanity until Twitter user jomny sun posted the question. 

@jonnysun set up a poll to see what other users thought about the madness. As of right now, the votes are totally tied as the Internet continues to debate. Over 70,000 people have dropped their votes. The results will be revealed in four days, and we expect Twitter to blow up in flames. Personally, we're going for the three different monkey vote, but we can totally see how one monkey would make sense. All of their facial features are the same, so one has to wonder. Maybe the Tweets below hold the real answer? Help us make up our mind!

Unicode, your source for all things emoji related seems to have given us the clearest answer. There are three different monkeys making three different faces. There! Done! It's settled. 

...OR IS IT!?

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