Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Open Up About Her "Peculiar" Pregnancy

Plus, do her ChyMojis reveal her baby's sex?

By Francesca Bacardi, Alli Rosenbloom May 11, 2016 5:16 PMTags
Watch: Are Blac Chyna's Chymojis Hinting at Sex of Baby?

Blac Chyna is feeling good.

The Lashed salon owner opened up to E! News' Zuri Hall Tuesday at the launch of her ChyMoji app and said her pregnancy has been smooth sailing so far. "I feel amazing, and I feel blessed," she said.

Rob Kardashian was a supportive fiancée throughout the evening, standing by her side on the red carpet at her big event. Wearing a form-fitting black dress, Blac dished about her pregnancy cravings (or should we say lack there of?). "Fortunately I haven't been craving anything, which is like really peculiar," she shared. "So crazy, right?"

E! News previously learned that the couple knows the sex of the baby but are keeping it close to the vest for now, but after taking a careful look at the options in her ChyMoji app, we thought she could be hinting that they're having a baby boy—given the amount of blue in her maternity animations. But Blac told Zuri that her ChyMojis weren't meant to be anything suggestive.

"I have both boy and girl things on there," she explained, adding that she wanted her options "to go both ways" so users could pick the color that works for them. Although there are a plethora of baby ChyMojis, Rob joked that his favorites are "anything with money," while Blac chose a completely different options. To find out which are their personal favorites, watch the video! 

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Inside the party, Rob and Blac stayed by each other's side while people approached her to congratulate her on her engagement and the pregnancy. "Rob seemed a little overwhelmed at first, but he loosened up and appeared to be really happy and in a great mood," a partygoer tells E! News.

When the clock struck midnight, it officially became Blac's 28th birthday, so the crowd cheered for her when the DJ cut the music. She also received a birthday cake from Rob that read "Congrats on CHYMOJI So proud of you And so thankful! Love, Rob."

In addition to the cake, Rob pulled a Kanye West by showering his love with 28 large bouquets of multi-shade pink flowers, mostly roses and peonies. Blac posted several videos and a photo of Rob's elaborate flower display on Snapchat. Each bouquet featured its own card.

"Oh my God, I just walked into the kitchen, and I see all these flowers from Rob, 28 different cards," she said, adding, "Number one, let's see, let's see."

She didn't reveal the content of each card. To hear more about Blac Chyna's pregnancy, make sure to watch E! News tonight.

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