Grandfathered, John Stamos


No one wants a show they love to be prematurely canceled—but in case it is, it's nice when the showrunners create a perfectly balanced episode that can satisfyingly act as a season or a series finale. That's what happened with John Stamos' Grandfathered, which ended on both a happy and somewhat bittersweet note.

"The Cure" saw two couples decide to take things to the next level. Josh Peck's Gerald spent the entire episode planning an elaborate scavenger hunt in an attempt to give Christina Milian's Vanessa a dream marriage proposal—but his plan was foiled when the pair both got food poisoning.

But then Vanessa surprised Gerald by asking him to marry her—while they were both puking and everything. They love each other and have a beautiful child together, so why not?

It was a sweet moment, albeit definitely not the one the ultra-organized Gerald had planned.

Meanwhile, Gerald's parents, Jimmy (Stamos) and Sara (Paget Brewster) had finally decided to give their relationship a second shot. But while Sara dumped her boyfriend, Craig, Jimmy said he'd dumped his girlfriend, Catherine, but didn't actually do it until much later.



The new (old) couple planned to meet up at the Cure concert (like they were supposed to in the '80s when Jimmy stood Sara up), but once Sara found out Jimmy had lied to her she wasn't sure if she was going to meet up after all. The episode ended with Jimmy sitting at the concert, waiting for his love to arrive.

It's the kind of ambiguous ending that could go either way—and one Stamos told E! News he was proud of. "We left it cliffhangery enough for it to be interesting and also, whether we come back next year or not, we'll be able to play it either way," he said.

In the end, "I love this show. I put a lot into it. I love the character," he told us. "This is the show that I wanted to do."

We'll know this week whether the show is renewed for season two or not.

What did you think of the Grandfathered finale? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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