Kendall Jenner's New Calvin Klein Ad Is All About Vaginas

Super model poses for what might be her sexiest ad yet

By Kendall Fisher May 11, 2016 1:37 PMTags
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Kendall Jenner's new Calvin Klein ads are not so subtle.

The campaign features the 20-year-old reality star (as well as a couple other models and actresses) and alludes to vaginas in all but one photo—which happens to be of a butt instead.

For example, in the most uncomfortable pic of the bunch, Kendall squeezes a grapefruit, which we can't help but notice is awfully reminiscent of a woman's female parts. The slogan? "I eat in #mycalvins."

And it doesn't stop there...

Kendall Jenner's Best Modeling Pics

The next photo portrays Kendall a la 40 Days and 40 nights—you know, the scene where she basically gets an orgasm from a flower being traced along her stomach—holding a tulip to her mouth ever so sexually. She appears to be entirely elated, standing in a state of euphoria with her eyes closed and holding her stomach.

"I reminisce in #mycalvins," the ad reads.

Take a peek: @karate_katia, photographed by @harleyweir for the Spring 2016 advertising campaign. #mycalvins

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The last two photos feature two other models: Klara Kristin and actress Abby Lee Kershaw.

In the first, Kristin is photographed from below, wearing a dress and flashing her undies for the camera. In the second, Kershaw poses with her hands down her pants. "I pulse in #mycalvins," the ad reads, reinforcing the erotica mood of the campaign overall.

Another photo for the campaign might not relate to a baby maker, but it maintains the sexual theme as it 

Posing with her jeans on backwards, the model turns a usually frowned up butt crack into a fashion statement. "I belfie in #mycalvins," it reads.

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