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After spending 33 years together, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have split up.

A source confirmed the split to E! News, explaining that they've decided to separate and promising it has nothing to do with Ozzy's sobriety. The insider says he's continued to stay sober for over three years.

The rock star couple not only made a name for themselves in the music industry as Ozzy headed the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, but they also gained a following through reality television with their show on MTV, The Osbournes. Running from 2002 to 2005, the series was cited as one of MTV's most viewed shows.

Thus, with the news of their split, we couldn't help but look back on their relationship and remember some of their most memorable moments, including all the ups and downs:

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1. The Beginning: The couple met in 1970 when Sharon was just 18-years-old. Her father, Don Arden, managed Black Sabbath and occasionally enlisted Sharon's help to look over the band. In 1979, after Ozzy was fired from the band by Arden, Sharon began managing him, and they started dating.

2. The Wedding: The couple married in Maui on July 4, 1982. Ozzy later admitted that the first few years of their relationship was a bit of a blur as he was continuously partying, using drugs and drinking.

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3. The Kids: Sharon and Ozzy welcomed their three children into the world. Aimee was born in 1983, Kelly in 1984 and Jack in 1985.

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4. A Battle With Domestic Abuse: Ozzy had struggled with drugs and alcohol most of his life, but he hit a low point in 1989 when he came home from a weekend bender at a music festival and tried to strangle Sharon.

She recalled the moment during an interview with The Guardian, saying, "I see that Eminem gets in trouble for singing about killing his wife. At least my husband actually tried to do it!"

She explained how he came home and said "I've decided you have to go," before attempting to strangle her. "I called the police, and they locked him up," Osbourne explained. "I didn't press charges but he went into rehab for three months. He was totally insane from all the drink and drugs he was doing, and well, these things happen." 

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5. The Osbournes: The couple and their children filmed their wildly popular reality show from 2002 through 2005. The series depicted tons of insight onto the family, from Ozzy's struggle with drug and alcohol abuse to their individual relationships with one another to pets, day-to-day experiences and more.

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6. Sharon's Battle Against Cancer: The rock star mom was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2002. At the time, Ozzy admitted to praying for his wife and her recovery, unable to imagine life without her. "She's my whole world," he told People magazine at the time. "She's the best lover I've ever had, the best friend I've ever had. She has been my pillar of strength for many years."

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7. Sharon Undergoes a Double Mastecomy: In 2012, Sharon found out she might be at risk for breast cancer. Thus, she decided to have a double mastecomy. "For me, it wasn't a big decision, it was a no-brainer," she told Hello! magazine at the time. "I didn't want to live the rest of my life with that shadow hanging over me."

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8. Jack Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis: The Osbourne's only son was diagnosed with MS in 2012. He expressed his frustration upon finding out about his disease, just two weeks after welcoming his first daughter into the world with wife Lisa Stelly.

"I was just angry and frustrated and kept thinking, 'Why now?'" Jack told People magazine at the time. "I've got a family and that's what's supposed to be the most important thing."

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9. Ozzy's Relapse: In 2013, Ozzy took to Facebook to admit he'd relapsed. He wrote, "For the last year and a half I have been drinking and taking drugs. I was in a very dark place and was an a--hole to the people I love most, my family. However, I am happy to say that I am now 44 days sober."

He continued, "Just to set the record straight, Sharon and I are not divorcing. I'm just trying to be a better person. I would like to apologize to Sharon, my family, my friends and my band mates for my insane behavior during this period………and my fans."

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10. Sharon Reveals She Slit Her Wrists for Ozzy: During a "Secret Week" on The Talk, Sharon opened up about a time she decided to slit her wrists to prove how much she loved her husband.

After a night of drinking and partying when she was 27, Ozzy asked her to prove how much she loved him, to which she responded by slitting her wrists with a steak knife. After being taken to the hospital and put on lockdown at a psych ward, she knew she'd made a mistake. "These scars are a big embarrassment," she said. "The scars don't go away. They stay with you…It's a reminder to us all."

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