Watch Twitter Have a Collective Heart Attack Over Harry Styles and His Haircut

#RIPHarrysHair is trending hours after he posted his chopped locks to Instagram

By Dominique Haikel May 06, 2016 9:48 PMTags
Harry Styles, InstagramInstagram

You can count on the One Direction fandom to put on a proper shiz show whenever one of the guys does literally anything. Today is no exception. When Harry Styles posted a picture of his severed locks to Instagram, Directioners sobbed in unison over social media. Twitter is a breeding ground for highly emotional memes and reactions, so we rounded up the best so you can shed tears alongside the masses. Sure celebrity haircuts can be traumatic, but nobody could prepare for the tidal wave of sadness washing over the world today. Whether you're in the fandom or not, you're sure to enjoy the extraness. We're talking people posting crying selfies, folks. Would you expect anything less for Harry, though? Some fans even thought he had left the band due to the shiz storm on Twitter. We're having serious Zayn flashback vibes. Anyway, #RipHarrysHair, and enjoy the madness. 

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