Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Mom


Bonnie Plunkett for President?!

Probably not in this lifetime, but, hey—a girl can dream, can't she? And if those dreams mean we get more reunions with Allison Janney's West Wing co-stars like we did on tonight's episode of Mom, consider us Bonnie's campaign manager!

After Christy (Anna Faris) learned that her straight As landed her on the Dean's List at school, Bonnie's went into a panic that she'll never amount to anything. After a screaming match with Christy during an AA meeting, that panic gave way to inspiration to better her position in life. But before she could decide what new path to take, she and Christy had to figure out what she's good at. On their list: She's smart, she's personable, she's an excellent liar, and she's got a healthy ego. Their conclusion: Politics. Cue the dream sequence!

Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Mom


Only a week after Janney revisited her West Wing character by briefing the actual White House press as C.J. Cregg, Mom gifted us with a mini-West Wing reunion when Bonnie envisioned herself as Madam President doing one of Aaron Sorkin's patented walk-and-talks through the White House hallways with her Chief of Staff, Robert (Robert Schiff). After talk about getting her face on the $100 bill (only if people are still using them to snort cocaine, though!), the former co-stars got in a winking jab about all that walking and talking they used to do. 

"Should we sit down and talk?" President Plunkett asked.

"Oh, God, no," Robert warned. "Conversations always seem much more interesting when you're walking."

Because she didn't believe him, Robert stopped walking and asked Bonnie, "Have you given more thought to your nomination for Supreme Court?"

"You're right, this is boring," she deadpanned, rolling her eyes. Let's keep walking." LOL!

Bonnie may certainly not be presidential material, but it would be a total hoot to watch her dabble in local politics. Here's hoping this civic awakening sticks so that we'll have the hysterical joy of watching her go toe-to-toe with some city government wackos.

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Mom airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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