Beyoncé is in the very early days of her Formation World Tour, but already she has been upstaged. By who, you ask? This guy in a bright orange shirt just kicking back and enjoying a book during a performance by one of our greatest living performers.

Twitter user Michelle Gardner was at Beyoncé's stop in Raleigh, N.C. on Tuesday night when she spotted who we assume is a father or husband that had the task of escorting someone else to the show. Hearing "Drunk in Love" live in the background while this dude is straight up zoned in on his novel is our favorite video on the Internet right now.

Before you dare go on a rant about how this guy is being rude to Bey or how he doesn't know how lucky he is to be in her presence…

Flash forward 30 or so years and put yourself in his shoes. Maybe your kids will beg you to take them to a concert by whatever musical act will be cool in the future. Maybe it'll be a One Direction reunion show. Either way, you will definitely want to make sure your kids have a good time, but you'll be too old to be there for all the screaming people and pounding music. You know what you will be there for? Getting lost in a book. You have a seat, a couple hours to kill…what else would you do? This guy isn't disrespecting Queen B; he's just living his truth.

Don't ever change, sir. You keep reading your books whenever you damn well feel like it.

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