5 Things You Definitely Didn't Notice During Gwen Stefani's Carpool Karaoke

Don't let George Clooney and Julia Roberts distract you

By Francesca Bacardi May 05, 2016 4:55 PMTags

All of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segments have left us laughing and singing along with the celebrities who have appeared on the hit skit, but his latest bit has us wondering what we could've missed along the way.

Wednesday night The Late Late Show host teamed up with Gwen Stefani to help get him through Los Angeles' mind-boggling traffic, only to end up needing George Clooney and Julia Roberts to tag along so they could use the H.O.V. lane. Only when all four start belting out hit tunes such as "Hollaback Girl" and "We Are the Champions" did the fun truly begin.

The star power might have distracted us from little faux pas along the way, but after re-watching several times (obviously), we noticed 5 things you might have missed.

1. Shortly after Roberts and Clooney joined the fun, one of the cameras provided a close up of Stefani's face as she sang one of her hit songs. If you look carefully, she has a bit of her signature red lipstick on her front teeth, and once she noticed it she smoothly used her finger to wipe it off. New nickname: Sly Stefani.

2. Take a closer look at Roberts' shirt—there's a face on it! And it turns out it's Stefani, a show rep confirms to E! News. How's that for a tribute?!

James Corden Reveals How Carpool Karaoke Started
Darren Michaels/CBS

3. Pit stains or shadow? Clooney wore a dark-colored button down for the ride but the L.A. heat might have provided him with the ever-dreaded armpit stains. Then again, it could just be a shadow. Hard to say, but once you notice it you won't not notice (or at least try to figure it out).

4. The seat belts in this SUV have to be the most stretchable straps we've ever seen. Everyone appeared to be buckled up, including Roberts, but for some reason it looked like she's not even sitting in her seat. At one point she cozies up to Clooney and her seat belt is stretched across the entire back seat. Excessive stretchiness or faking her seatbelt buckle? You decide.

5. Did the Notting Hill actress miss the jeans memo? Clooney, Corden and Stefani all dressed in jeans and a dark top, but Roberts decided to forgo denim instead choosing to wear a dark pair of pants.

Did you notice anything? Sound off in the comments!

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