Cameron Diaz has replaced "bae" with a cutting edge new term of endearment. 

The married star, who wed guitarist Benji Madden over a year ago in January 2015, revealed the personal nickname she has for her beloved. Hey Cameron, can you spell it for us?

"I call him a lot of names," she joked to Ellen DeGeneres during an interview on her show. "'My Buh.' You know things start with 'baby' then it goes to 'bae' and then it goes all the way down to like 'buh' and soon I'm just going to go 'ugh' and he's going to know that I'm talking to him."

All jokes aside, the bestselling author has learned quite a few lessons about herself thanks to her new hubby—some for better or worse.  

Benji Madden, Cameron Diaz

Noel Vasquez/GC Images

"Someone asked me, 'What's your favorite thing about being married?' And I was like, well I just learned so much about myself. I didn't know these things and I was like I would have never known them if I didn't meet my husband who helped me," she explained.

"They're like, 'What's the worst think about being married?' Well, I learned all these things about myself that I wish I never learned about myself and I wouldn't have known them if I didn't get married.  You know so it's like this double-edged sword."

Despite the tough love, Diaz is thrilled to have Madden by her side on the journey of life. 

"I'm just so grateful for it because I couldn't do it without my husband," she gushed. "I couldn't do it with anybody else except for him."

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