The claws are coming out on this Sunday's #RichKids of Beverly Hills!

In this clip from the episode, bride-to-be Morgan Stewart has her bridesmaids try on dresses.

When Dorothy Wang tries a dress on, Morgan can't contain her excitement.

"I'm obsessed!" Morgan tells Dorothy. "It's f--king gorgeous, this looks amazing Dorothy. Your titties are bursting and they look great."

Morgan then says, "I think that Dorothy, although she's gained a little bit of weight, I think it really went to the right places. I feel like her boobs are much bigger, her a-- looks great, her face is fuller, so it's working for her. But she could lose a few before my wedding…is that mean?"

After trying on the dress, Dorothy tells Morgan she has to leave "to go to New York" with Bianca Espada.

"This is so f--ked up," Morgan tells Dorothy. "Brendan's gone, you're leaving now."

Take a look at the clip above to see Morgan's reaction!

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