ESC: Beyonce, Ivy Park


Only Beyoncé could tease the whole world like this. On March 31, 2016, Queen Bey announced the release of her athleisure line, Ivy Park. You already knew that because it was basically a national holiday. What you didn't know however was that she had been teasing the line since last year, and nobody even noticed. C'mon, Beyhive! How did we not pick up on this?! Mashable uncovered the insane news and we're picking our jaws up off the floor as we type. Here's what's up: before her live "7/11" performance, video appeared on a screen which clearly showed Bey rocking her line in plain sight. Then, during her Super Bowl performance, drums with the Ivy Park logo can be seen during the marching band bit. We know, right!? How were we so not on our game back then!?

Don't believe us? Check out Beyoncé's Half-Time show from February and her "7/11" performance from September of 2015. No joke. The article also points out Bey's amazing Ivy Park knee pads which showed up on screen during "7/11" but were never seen in stores. Sob! 

Let this be a lesson in paying closer attention to Bey's every move from here on out. 


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