How Mindy Kaling Got Ready for the Met Gala—Get Her Hair Look!

It takes a village

By Diana Nguyen May 03, 2016 3:41 AMTags
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What does it take to feel like a million bucks? Well, a glam squad sure helps. If you can't afford one, these tips will help too!

Mindy Kaling was a vision in white at the 2016 Met Gala, wearing an angelic, strapless dress paired with slick-straight hair. How did the actress get ready for the big night? At Tory Burch's NYC apartment, with her Met Ball squad, consisting of Freida Pinto, Emma Roberts and the designer, of course.

Oh, to be fly on that wall…or Marc Mena. The celeb hairstylist shared what it took to doll up "one of the funniest people [he] knows!"

"We've been planning with sketches of the dress and fabrics for a few weeks now," said the hair pro. "This look has been a real collaborative effort between Mindy, Tory, Mindy's stylist Cristina Ehrlich, Mindy's makeup artist Janice Kinjo and me."

The result?

"Mindy's dress was strapless, so we wanted to keep her hair clean and chic," said Marc. "An updo would have been too overpowering, so we opted for a sleek, center part tucked behind her ears to keep all the focus and attention on her beautiful Tory Burch dress."

Don't have a glam squad at your disposal? Check out Marc's step-by-step here (and watch this cute Instagram vid of the duo below)!

Step 1: Shampoo and condition hair.

Step 2: Finish using a light serum, like Iles Formula Finishing Serum, to give hair extra shine. "I didn't overuse product, because we didn't want her hair to be too heavy, so we just gave her lots of shine and body," said Marc.

Step 3: Blow-dry hair with a paddle brush to smooth out hair.

Step 4: Make a center part and tuck one-and-a-half-inch sections on either side of the face behind the ear, securing underneath with a bobby pin.

Step 5: Run a flat-iron through hair to give your look a sleek finish.


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