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ESC: 30 Days Hydration


Swimsuit confident, I was not.

Summer is coming, and—let's be honest—I'm all for quick, cheap and easy ways to shed that extra padding I may or may not have gained over the winter.

A friend of mine had suggested a 30-day water challenge, in which I drink a gallon of H20 every day. The recommended six-to-eight 8-ounce glasses of agua are hard enough to swallow, so the thought of drinking double that made me laugh…until she said she'd dropped 8 pounds in a month. Then came the argument that sealed the deal: She heard Beyoncé swears by this trick.

Hey, if it's good enough for Bey...

I got a few glass bottles (because reuse, reduce, recycle and all that), a couple of lemons for some pizzazz and began my water-immersive journey. Here are my findings.

Skin Benefits: Celebs and skin pros are always touting the benefits of constantly drinking water, but I didn't fully believe it until I looked like I just stepped out of a spa. My skin was glowing! Not to mention, total strangers stopped me to ask what makeup I'm using to look so dewy!

ESC: 30 Days Hydration


Weight Loss: I shed 9 pounds in one month. Drinking water really does help control your appetite, and I don't find myself snacking between meals, crashing in the afternoon or craving sugar like I used to around 3 p.m.

Drawbacks: Honestly, I think the reason I lost weight is because I was non-stop walking back and forth to the bathroom. I've never peed so much in my life. Let's just say sitting in LA traffic can be brutal when Nature is calling, but don't get discouraged—the benefits are worth it!

Warning: Although it's rare, avoid water intoxication (drinking too much water) and spread consumption throughout the day rather than in one instance.

Shake Things Up: Drinking a gallon of water is a lot. Like A LOT. And it can get really boring, so to keep me on track, I started making my own "spa water" and infused it with different combinations of fruit, herbs and even jalapeños on the odd occasion!

The Final Verdict: I'm a water challenge convert! I like the results so much that I've kept up drinking the full gallon every day despite the challenge being over. It's hands down the easiest "diet trick" I've ever done!

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