The Blacklist


Oh, The Blacklist, what a tease. 

We're still not entirely willing to believe that Elizabeth is dead, but we can't tell you why. It's just a feeling we have, and a feeling that grew stronger through her brief (but admittedly lovely) funeral, and while Red made a visit to Liz's secret maternal grandfather and continued to make us wonder about the nature of his relationship to her and her family. 

It's clear that Red and Liz's/Masha's grandfather do not get along all that well, and that the old man has never gotten over the death of his daughter...but what if his daughter isn't dead? 

And what if his daughter/Liz's mother is actually Famke Janssen?! 

That's what the current theory is, based on the mysterious Janssen's encounters with two people of interest in the investigation into a worldwide network of satellites that may have been used to track and eventually kill Liz. 

Photos of those encounters—including one with Cynthia Panabakar—are pretty much the only evidence anyone has right now, since whoever was controlling the satellites destroyed anything else useful just as the FBI was about to knock down their door, but if Katarina really is still alive, that may be all they really need. 

Now, the characters on The Blacklist may not know this, but we know that Janssen is about to be the lead in her own potential spin-off with Tom (Ryan Eggold). Does it make sense that Tom might break out on his own with his dead wife's estranged/formerly dead mother? Maybe. But something tells us there's something else up with this mysterious lady. 

Also, James Spader has possibly never been so simultaneously creepy and mesmerizing while sifting glitter through his fingers. What an actor that man is. 

The Blacklist airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on NBC. 

What are your theories about what's currently going on? Is Liz really, for sure dead? Sound off in the comments below! 

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