Leah Remini Says She Encouraged David Miscavige's Father to Write Scientology Book

Actress opens up about why she took Ron Miscavige under her wing

By Kendall Fisher Apr 28, 2016 4:13 PMTags
Leah Remini, Ron MiscavigeJB Lacroix/WireImage, St. Martin's Press

In Leah Remini's continued fight against the Church of Scientology, she's most recently found herself helping someone whose name is sending shock waves throughout the organization: Ron Miscavige, David Miscavige's own father.

Yes, the 82-year-old dad of the Chairman of the Board—the most powerful role in the church—has stepped away from the church and decided to write a book titled Ruthless, which details his experience with the organization.

In fact, Remini was one of the people who stepped in to support Ron after his departure and encourage him to publish the memoir.

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"I tracked him down," she told ABC's Dan Harris, whichaired on Good Morning America Thursday. "I called him, and I offered my support because I know he must have felt alone. I just wanted him to know that we were willing to take him in."

She continued, "There is no place for them to go unless—and it's very rare—they have family outside of the church"

As for the book, she says he has a right to tell his story, despite the fact that it makes harsh accusations against his own son.

"I immediately said that he should write a book because his story is important," she explained. "We're all going to speak up. We're not just going to bully people telling their stories."

And that's exactly what she did for herself, too. After leaving the Church in 2013, she started her fight against the church by writing her own memoir called Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, which was released in November.

Since then, she has continued to openly make shocking claims about the organization and why she will continue to speak out against it.

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