Jamie Kennedy Reveals Secret Heart Problem He's Faced Since He Was 10

Comedian got a heartpacer when he was a young boy

By Kendall Fisher Apr 27, 2016 8:40 PMTags
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Jamie Kennedy may be quite the funny guy, but he got pretty serious while chatting with the hosts of The Doctors on Wednesday.

The 45-year-old comedian revealed a secret health problem he's been facing for 35 years: congenital heart block.

Kennedy explained, "Ever since I was 10-years-old I was diagnosed with congenital heart block, and then when I was 14, I got a pacemaker put it."

The host of doctors couldn't help but gasp in surprise over the revealed secret, admitting they never noticed his pacemaker before.

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"You thought I had nice...You thought I had breast implants?" he joked, making the conversation a little more lighthearted.

Interestingly enough, Kennedy has joined a new show called Heartbeat, which he chatted a bit about, too.

"It's based on Dr. Kathy, who is one of the top cardio thoracic surgeons. She's a legend," he said. "I always tell people I learn more on this show than I did in school. I do! Each week we have a case that's based on something really bananas."

The next episode airs tonight at 8/7c.

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