This Woman Is Recreating the Paintings of Bob Ross One Episode at a Time and Our Minds Are Blown

Nicole Bonneau is posting her work to the Instagra @almightypainting

By Dominique Haikel Apr 25, 2016 11:24 PMTags
Bob Ross Acey Harper/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

"Making my way through The Joy of Painting, one Ross at a time," reads the Instagram bio of Nicole Bonneau. No, your eyes are not failing you. The artist is painting her way through each episode of the iconic Bob Ross show we all know and love. Along her journey, Bonneau includes relatable commentary under each of her posted paintings. Under the painting titled Snow Fall, created during season 1, episode 12, she talks about the possibility of a painting gone wrong. "This gorgeous blue-gray mountain-scape includes live action snowfall! I'm happy to say I didn't ruin the whole thing when the paint splatter part came in." First of all, we would no doubt accidentally ruin all of our paintings. Second,  from the looks of her work, we don't even think its possible for her to ruin any paintings at all. You have to see it all for yourself on her Instagram account, @almightypainting

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At this point in time, Bonneau appears to have successfully made it through the first season. Taking after Mr. Ross, she held a Q&A on Instagram as Bob did during the last episode of season 1. In it, she gives tips on supplies like brushes, paint and brush cleaning. If you're a burgeoning artist, you may want to get in on this dish. 

Why did she start this journey in the first place? The painter told Mashable, "I spent a lot of time over the holiday break watching The Joy of Painting with family...I associate Bob with a time when I enjoyed watching him paint on my parents old, antennae TV set. There's really nothing complicated or controversial about it...I guess maybe I am looking for a similar experience today." 

Just to give you an idea of how many paintings she will be churning out, the show ran from January 11, 1983, until May 17, 1994. That's a total of 31 seasons and 403 episodes. Sending good luck vibes your way! 

We love Bob, but we have to agree with this caption. That tree doesn't even look happy. 

This is her first piece!? We're still trying to figure out finger paints. 

Did anyone else know about this dead tree thing?! Mind blown. 

The struggle can be so real. To be honest, we would have never known she had started over. #DeterminationGoals

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